Spring Break=Blog Drought

Sorry about my lack of blogging, I think it's been over a week. I know all of you have either A) killed yourself by now or B) have slipped into a Ben and Jerry's depression.

I have been spring breaking with my 12 favorite idiot friends in Rockport/Port A, TX. And what a wild ride it's been!!!!

I can't wait to get back to eating moderately healthy foods at normal hours of the day and even working out. Also can't wait to paint my nails because God knows I feel like a lesbian right now. Is there a nail polish brand out there that will last more than 5 days!?!?!?

In other news, I will immediately get back to blogging, brace yourself for my spring watch list. Aka items that magazines and blogs have mentally coerced me into thinking I can't live without.

OH. And don't forget to read my guest blog on frockstock.com which will be posted Saturday! How to shop vintage!

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