Anything but blue jeans

Daring pants

So last weekend in Dallas, I bought my first pair of cray cray jeans. I bought snakeskin jeans. Although a wee out of my comfort zone, I just really felt the urge to take on the challenge of pulling off snakeskin jeans.

For study breaks, I wrote an article that will turn you into a believer too. SO CLICK HERE AND READ IT Y'AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


Frockin' Out

Hey readers, guess what! The fabulous shopping website/blog, FROCKSTOCK, is giving a "March of the bloggers" in which they have guests post to their blog! Yours truly will be apart of this, writing a post on "How to vintage shop" which should really be titled, "How to pick out the good crap from the bad crap."

The best part is that not only the guest bloggers benefit from this. Readers who post comments on the blogs are automatically entered to win weekly giveaways!! All you have to do is include your Twitter username or E-mail. So each week that you leave a comment on one of the guest blogs, you (the reader) will be entered to win free jewelry!

Here is a list of the guest bloggers and their topics...

March 1st: "Top 5 Essential Purses Every Girl Should Have" by Tina of 'Stina D
March 2nd: "Bowsessed" by Sarah of Tulle and Trinkets
March 3rd: "Fashion on a Budget" by Alyssa of Through the Eyes of LysMarie
March 4th: "Pops of Color" by SBM of Simply Being Me
March 5th: "Style & Color" by Shannon of Shannon ♥s
March 6th: "Trends I'm Loving" by Candice of Teatime Thoughts
March 7th: "Transitioning to Spring Clothes" by Madeline of Style Me Thrifty
March 8th: "Mixing Styles" by Kirby of Ohio Style
March 9th: "The Bold and the Beautiful" by Pamela of Soaps Style
March 10th: "Baking" by Becky of Beautiful Pea Green Boats
**March 10th: Jewelry Giveaway**

March 11th: Topic TBA by Kelsey of Charming Pumpkin
March 12th: "Music & Fashion" by Ashlyn of Triple Thread
March 13th: "DIY: How to Create Floral Headbands" by Tori of Daisies and Pixie Dust
March 14th: Topic TBA by Jennifer of ~Curiousness~
March 15th: "Cupcakes" by Ruthanne of Ruthanne with an E
March 16th: "Spring Makeup Products" by Amy of Suburban Blender
March 17th: "How to Shop Vintage" by Augusta of Runs With Lipstick
**March 17th: Jewelry Giveaway**

March 18th: "Vintage Jewelry, Remade" by Carrie of Lady Luxe Designs
March 19th: "DIY: Rustic Pillow Stencil" by Sara of House Bella
March 21st: Topic TBA by Calley of The Cult of Style
March 22nd: Topic TBA by Lo of On a Whim with Lo
March 23rd: "Friday Favorites" by Madison of Madison Cary
March 24th: "Mintspiration" by Ann of Tongue in Cheeky
**March 24th: Jewelry Giveaway**

March 25th: "Menswear-Inspired Shoes" by Tiese of The September Issue
March 26th: Topic TBA by Jennifer of A Well-Nurtured Life
March 27th: Topic TBA by Lisa of Shoestring Fashion
March 29th: "Clay Jewelry" by Jessica of Jagsmitty
March 30th: "Modesty is the Best Policy" by Allison of Clearing Preppy's Name
**March 31st: Jewelry Giveaway**

You will notice that my guest blog is on March the 17th, so yes, I fully expect all of you to drop everything you are doing that day and wait by your laptop until it's posted.

In case you have never heard of Frockstock (which is not okay with me) I'd like to catch you up on what they are all about and all the cute stuff they sell. Here is what they have posted in their about section...

Frock Stock was created in September, 2011 by a young girl with a big fashion imagination. Together with the help of her friends and family she runs Frock Stock as a mom-and-pop small business with a big heart!

Our style is all about vintage. We sort through hundreds of modern indie vendors to bring you the most romantic and reminiscent pieces we can find. Everything is brand new but still holds a flair for the past.

In the world of juniors and trends we know that quality can be a huge problem at the average mall store. We're never going to sell you rings that turn your fingers green or clothes already tearing at the seam. All our jewelry is lead free and nickel free and we find the best quality in juniors clothing out there!

We know that girls who shop at boutiques are really looking for something special that they can't find at the average mall store. Yet many online boutiques and brick and mortars out there are selling the same products as us for triple or quadruple the price! We want to offer items that the average girl-on-a-budget can afford. That is why our commitment tolow prices is so strong. Every girl who dreams of beautiful vintage clothing can now afford it, thanks to...

                    ♥ FROCK STOCK ♥

So go check out their site, and don't forget to ready my guest blog about vintage shopping!!!!! 


Blog Additions

As you can see there are a few added pages to Runs With Lipstick & Shops With Lipstick.

I am now a blogger for Study Breaks magazine! If you live in Lubbock and are observant at all, then you have seen this magazine all over campus and University Street. I'm excited to say I just started blogging for their website! So check out my Study Break blogs now and then, I promise they'll be snarky and say "ass." I just did a rundown on Oscars fashion, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT ANGIE'S RIGHT LEG.

I also added a page for the articles I write for The Odyssey, which is a Greek newspaper. It's fun seeing what is happening on Tech's campus, so go take a gander there as well. I'm the contributing editor for this paper, so expect there to be an exceptional amount of grammatical errors.



This Week's you know what

I've been on this poster kick for about a month now..... on the prowl for a fierce Rolling Stones poster for my bathroom. It's not as easy as you think. I came across this sweet picture of Keith Richards and immediately mentally screamed, "THIS IS THE ONE" only to find out that it is literally $400. REALLY? Not happening. Not ha'ne'nen.

Then I found this reasonably priced band pic from Ebay. I like this one 'cause good ol' Mick is in there. Smack dab in the middle. I can't wait to order it and arrange it above the towel rack! It's the small things in life...

I'm partial to all things classic rock, ESPECIALLY THE STONES, mainly because I have hippie parents and grew up listening to the jams of the 60s and 70s. But it wasn't until I got the opportunity to see The Stones concert in El Paso, my sophomore year of high school that my love really solidified for them. Then I took a history of rock and roll class as a freshie in college and learned even more about the stones and all things blues/rock in general. most interesting blog post ever, i know.....


Vintage Buyyyin'

I frolicked through Saver's today as opposed to working out after class. I never cease to amaze myself at how good I am at finding good crap through all of the crap crap. Seriously. Let's review the damage, shall we.

Mirror pics......... my apologies. 
Can we just pause and reflect about that oversized bright pink sweater discovery? I literally gasped out loud. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you're shopping by yourself surrounded by others, it comes off as "is that girl okay? is she having a seizure?" type thing. And then there are always tons of Greeks there shopping for the next big date party. #thatawkwardmomentwhen you're shopping for every day clothes, not "80 aerobics" themed frat party clothes.

Breaking it down..

  • Brown loafers--finally! They had a surprisingly decent selection of shoes. The brown ones I picked out looked like they've never been worn. AND THEY ARE SO COMFY. Cushion galore. 
  • White stripped silky top that is very reminiscent of the pajama trend making its way through the waters of fashion blogs. 
  • Mint long sleeved neck tie top--2 dYe 4.
  • Silky camel-colored button up top with box pleat in the back. Classy.
  • Brown mid calf pencil skirt w/ slit in the back. Obsessed.
  • Brown belt w/ gold lock buckle
  • Fur stole--not pictured. But still very atlantic-pacific. 
  • Pastel glass earrings. 
  • Silky shorts
  • Black Jeans that I cut and rolled into high waisted cut off shorts. ThRiFtY.
  • Leopard/zebra brown/black cardi. I love this mostly because it's brown and black.
Remember: when vintage shopping, one must always ask herself.... "Is this Atlantic-Pacific or Atlantic-Horrific?"

THE Atlantic-Pacific herself, Blaire Eadie. >>>click<<< 


Pinterest Intervention: Day 6

Today marks the day before my week-iversary of my not using Pinterest. What is it like you ask? Well I definitely channeled some of that pinning energy into DIY projects.

It's amazing what one can do with gold paint, hot glue, and will power. I undoubtedly sacrificed half of the skin on my left thumb, but I feel it was worth it to make that gold chain bracelet. The 3 DIY rings in the top pictures were completely transformed. In my excited-hot-glue-haste, I didn't take before pics of the them: huge mistake. The ring on the right is one of those bulky plastic rings that were in style circa 2009. Then I hot-glued some sort of circular bolt to it and painted the whole thing gold. The Chanel inspired ring is a collaboration of a fake Chanel tranny earring glued to a F21 ring that broke 2 years ago (why do I keep broken jewelry??? #hoarder). 

Yes, you are understanding all of this correctly, I spent my Fat Tuesday night painting silver rings gold on my resume. Yes, that piece of paper is my resume. You can see a "before" ring on my thumb in the nail polish pic. That ring actually came in a set of 3 from a brand called NOIR. If you learn anything today reading this blog, let it be this: DON'T BUY EXPENSIVE JEWELRY UNLESS IT'S WRITTEN IN BLOOD THAT IT WON'T TURN YOUR PHALANGES GREEN. Seriously, I bought those EXPENSIVE ass rings, and they all turned my fingers green, AND EVEN CAUSED AN IRRITATED RASH. Never again. F21 has jewelry that can do that for a tenth of the price, and it's just as sassy. Then again maybe I just have delicate, sensitive, princess-and-the-pea skin, that shall only be graced by the finer handcrafted work of Kors & Yurman. maybe.

My final thoughts on banning myself from Pinterest? 

  • Lana Del Rey on Pandora is amaze
  • I will pin until my eyes bleed tomorrow
  • Not giving up Pinterest for Lent
  • Pinterest is male dominated in the UK (learned this in class, it's legit fact)
  • I can't wait to pin the CRAP out of the Love, Maegan blog
  • (see right       )
  • Will continue to DIY rings, turbans and purses if I am capable of pulling myself away from Pinterest in the future. 

One last inspirational diddy...

L8r H8r


DIY Turban & Clutch

I don't know what's gotten into me. One minute I'm cleaning out my drawers/desk, the next minute I'm painting a vintage (icky yellow) clutch gold. Some call it a surge of creativity that must be quenched when one is feeling inspired. What it really is, is ADD. Plain and Simple.

I bought the oversized yellow clutch at a vintage store in Portales, New Mexico. Love the idea of an oversized clutch--hate the color. I wasn't sure if literally painting it would work, but it did! Then I went through my little crafts slash trinkets box and hot glued pendents to the clutch. Expect to see this lil baby in a future outfit post!

And then we have this turban. I whipped it up while the water heated for my pasta. It's literally that fast to make. It's also semi ghetto. It is safety pinned in a few places, but with a few minor adjustments and will power, that can be hidden. Oh, and the actual turban? Socks from the Dollar Tree. Super classy. But they aren't like cottony-Michael-Jordan-fruit of the loom socks. They are "trouser" socks and are soft and spandex-y. If that makes it sound any better. Then I just hot glued some ivory stones on the ivory turban and VOILA!!! Not as sassy as the Luv AJ turbans but still... don't be surprised if it crops up in an outfit post.

Happy president's day! I hope everyone celebrated this political day with illegal activities!!!! jjkkk kind of


This Week's Obsession: Love Meagan

I found this new blog I'm obsessed with and secretly dying on the inside because I'm not able to pin the crap out of it (refer to previous posts). It's called "Love Meagan" and this woman is in her 30s, married, and lives in LA, and has parlayed herself into a full-time blogger (ummm my life dream?????). Her DIY's are pretty much the best I've seen. She also has ridiculous outfit posts, and inspo for house decor. Get addicted!!!

DIY for vintage jewelry
Look at that hair..
working the cape jacket.
I can't breathe. Oh, and that is a DIY top.
aren't you dying to know what she eats?
>>Click here<< 


Pinterest Intervention: Day 3

Day 3
I feel the only way I can describe the absence of Pinterest in one's life is through these images.


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