First trunk show announcement!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen...
Lend me your ears...
lol #shakespeare

I am announcing the date of my first Donni Charm trunk show! 

Sunday, November 18th at the Main St Condos, Apt 1 (corner of Main and Ave V) 


Please come and browse the scarves while enjoying drinks, snacks, music and friends!

I am also encouraging any and all male species to attend and collect gifts for mom's, girlfriends, grocery store clerks, etc..

Don't forget I can supply a discount for students!

Only accepting checks and debit/credit cards!

RSVP and see more deets on the FB event: 

 GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am now a campus rep for >>donni charm <<<and I am STOKED about it. What that means is I help spread the word about this amazingly inspiring line of scarves, clothes, and accessories. I will be hosting trunk shows throughout the year, and can offer students a 30% discount off all merchandise.

 Here is a little diddy I wrote about Donni Charm for The Odyssey, which is the greek newspaper I write for and slash am editor in chief of (oh p.s.s. always wanting more writers and sales execs, especially guys, especially sports writers, okay i'm done now)


Donni Charm is a unique line of scarves, jewelry, and clothes, created by Alyssa Wasko, a sophomore Kappa Kappa Gamma while attending the University of Arizona. This line is unique, not only because of the originality of the design, but also the story of how it began.

When Alyssa Wasko was in college, her father suffered a tragic accident that resulted in death. To help herself cope with the devastation, Alyssa channeled her emotions towards making special scarves. She used different fabrics and cutting styles, and adds a delicate “charm” to each garment.

Alyssa's creativity didn't only help her coping process, but has also touched the lives of others who have lost loved ones. Donni Charm scarves are particularly helpful because they are meant to "wrap around you" and hug you, much like the way past loved ones would. Each garment has a signature dangling charm, further reiterating the brand's overall originality. 

The name “Donni Charm” is a combination of her dad’s nickname, Donny, and what Alyssa was to her dad: a charm. What started as a hobby to help her cope with the death, blossomed into an international line of iconic scarves. Celebrities like Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts, Vanessa Hudgens, Lo Bosworth, Whitney Port, Rihanna, Emily Maynard, Kim Kardashian, Isla Fischer, and more. It has been featured in major national publications like Vogue, Us Weekly, People Style Watch, Seventeen, and In Style just to name a few. Donni Charm has even been broadcasted on the news on Fox, Today Show, NBC, CBS, Extra TV, The View, KTLA, and more. This highly respected brand has grown to 500+ boutiques around the world, and gains more traction every day by means of campus representatives.

Donni Charm also donates generously to charities and organizations like Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation, Rubaga Friends, Race to erase MS, Susan G. Komen for the cure, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Teach for America, Smart Girls, and much much more.

One of the ways Donni Charm has grown so successful is by means of campus representatives. Donni Charm relies on eager college students to help spread the word of the inspirational brand, and even make commission selling them. Campus reps are responsible for hosting multiple trunkshows, managing inventory, and applying strong communication skills to develop social selling expertise.

In fact, I recently received an e-mail through the president of Kappa, informing our chapter that Donni Charm was seeking a representative for Texas Tech. Reading Alyssa’s story through the e-mail definitely moved me. I felt compelled to whip up a cover letter, and submit my resume immediately. I am now lucky enough to be the campus rep for Donni Charm at Tech!

I will be hosting a trunk show at the Kappa house in the near future (date to be determined) and would love for everyone interested to come and try/buy a scarf! The best part? If you order with me, I can hook you up with a sweet 30% off discount—even for online orders! If you are interested in getting a good deal on a truly great designer brand, just e-mail me, or follow me on Twitter (@Sassy_Neal) to stay updated on DC’s latest events at Tech!

My friend Kathryn Ross (@kitykatross) who takes GREAT photos did these for me. 
Fun bright Tech-y/Holiday-ish scarf
"donni gem"

 "donni energy"

This was my gift scarf!
"donni karma"

I'm awkward as hell in this, BUT those little blurry dots are so cool I had to upload it.
I cut my face out of all of these A) because this blog post is about the scarves and not me, B) let's be real, I was having a great hair day and a horrid face day, DON'T YOU HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS????????? 

I have TONS more scarves with me for anyone to touch, feel, look through, try on, but I only wanted to open and wear a few of my favorites for this lil shoot. 

I'm having my first trunk show at the Kappa house November 19th, and maybe one in the Main st. condos before that. To stay updated on trunk shows, slash what I'm doing every 5 minutes, follow me on the TwItTeR: @Sassy_Neal plz 


That one time I pushed a girl at Mekong


I don't know, I'm going to mentally archive this blog as "Something I will regret posting later" but here we go.

So MEKONG 2012. The Frat party of the semester (as cliche as that sounds). I was excited as ever for this event, full of free alcohol, a huge "build," the ying yang twins (where is lil jon??? they don't come as a package deal?????) young joc, and might I reiterate, free alcohol. 

My friends (well the ones that I was able to keep track of up until that point) and I had just taken some fairly ratchet classy Party Time Mike photos and had made our way to a nice cozy little section in front of the stage. Cozy as in shoulder to shoulder with oh, 50 other people trying to be in the front rows. We were all waiting for the unidentifiable black rappers to make their way towards the stage when all of the sudden, I feel a significant shoulder bump. And again. And again.


Needless to say, I turned around and politely shouted, "OKAY YOU CAN STOP THAT NOW." I forget what shoulder-bumping-girl said to me, but it was less than sweet, I can imagine. What seemed like circa 17 minutes later, her friend in front of me told her to move forward, which would involve me moving backwards for them.... The shoulder-bumping-girl shouted back, quite blatantly, "THIS BITCH IN FRONT OF ME WON'T MOVE." woah, nelly. Name calling? OKAY. OH OH OKAY. But I didn't say anything I just smiled at her as big as I could, like, "DATS RYTE, I AIN'T MOVIN', YO."  But alas, this group of mean girls kept giving me the stink eye and just talking about me right in front of me, ugh, so I just stepped to the left and let the tranny walk in front of me. GAWD I'M SO NICE IT KILLS ME.....or have I spoken too soon????

What seemed like a good 9-14 minutes later, the mosh pit of drunk college students gets a little rowdy as we diligently wait for the rapperz, and I unintentionally bump into said group of mean girls. COMPLETELY UNINTENTIONAL. It was crowded and everyone was bumping everyone, like a sack of potatoes in the back of a pick up.

Then another gurl chimes in and says "Stop being rude to me and my friends, and stop pushing us, OH AND YOU COULD LOSE 40 POUNDS."



I was honestly so taken aback, my mouth just dropped to the floor. I stood there for at least 4 seconds before forming a response. Then I looked at the guy behind her, who had that "oh shit, that was a little harsh" look on his face and I said, "OUCH. Girls are so mean!!??? WHY ARE GIRLS SO MEAN?????" I drunkenly questioned the surrounding peers.

So I was about to let it slide. I stood there and let the situation sink in, and then oopsies, vodka sour number 83 of the night kicked in and had another idea. Suddenly I was ENRAGED. FUMING. SEEING RED. FILLED WITH RAGE. not my finest hour.

After vodka sour number 83 kicked in, my inner black diva decided to make a visit. I immediately thought to myself, "OHHH HAAAYYLLLEE NO I'M NOT ABOUT TO LET THIS WHITE GIRL GET AWAY WITH THAT."

Thus..... I looked at her with eyes of fire and said verbatim, "You thought I was pushing you before? I WILL SHOW YOU PUSHING."

THEN with every fiber of my being, I pushed her with the force of ten thousand waterfalls. Being this was a crowded area, I incidentally caused, oh, 6-8 other surrounding people to fall over. AM I SORRY????? NAH.

Then all the boys, Delta Tau Deltas, around said, "Okay you have go to leave, you need to go," and hello. hello. hi. who am i. uh uh. no no no no. AINT GON' HAPPEN.

I literally just stood there, and thought, hmmmm what would jesus do??

And then it occurred to me:

So that's what I did. AND LET ME JUST TELL YOU, NO ONE MESSED WIFF ME FOR THA REST OF DA NIGHT. DADDY WOULD BEEN PROUD i think yikes idk maybe yikes hmmm.

Finally, I just left. I left the mosh pit. I decided shedding soft tearz would be more fun so lololol I enjoyed myself a good solid drunk girl cry and called it a night, more or less.


I am NOT that girl!!! I have NEVER been the girl that gets in fights with other girls and gets involved with drama like that! WHAT WAS THAT??? So embarrassed how that transpired. If I hadn't ingested so much liquids #vodka, I know I wouldn't have let that snide comment get to me. But as I have learned the hard way, time and time again, SH*T GETS EMOTIONAL AFTER THE 87TH VODKA SOUR. Another point I'd like to make is: WHAT KIND OF PERSON TELLS A STRANGER THAT/?????? I am shocked. Girls really are so mean. It is amazing (in a bad way) to me the damage that the tongue can do. I know the Bible quotes it somewhere, in so many words, how the tongue is the most dangerous or deadliest body part. It is so true!!! People need to check theyselves before they wreck theyselves. The whole situation made me realize how important it is to watch what I say to people. Because once you say something, it's out there forever. Whether you meant it or not. People can forgive, but it is hard to forget the sting of painful words, no matter how ridiculous they are. GAWD I HATE GETTING SENTIMENTAL, but in conclusion, watch what you say. Especially to girls/women. All of us are fragile insecure creatures that think we are trolls deep down, SO DON'T ADD FUEL TO THAT FIRE.

As MIA would say, "watch yo' mouf, yo"


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