>>--About the Chief--➤

I'm Augusta. 
this blog would be immensely cooler if the specimen seen above was actually me. alas... i found this pic here and think it perfectly embodies the free spirit of runs with lipstick. 

Some people call me Gus, some call me "Auggie" or "sassy" but I mainly prefer "Kate Middleton" but I'll settle for "Gusta"

My indian name would probably be sleeps in make-up, eats only froyo, dances with strangers or

>>>---r u n s  w i t h  l i p s t i c k---

I'm a senior at Texas Tech, advertising major/spanish minor, and I prefer to eat while standing if I'm in my apartment and it's daylight outside. Now that that's off my shoulders...

I am a fashion-absorber, social media consumer, Harry Potter lover, crunchy peanut butter enthusiast, TLC watcher, kitten-calender owner, poetry reader, spanish language learner, classic rock listener, pug lover, live-tweeter, magazine hoarder, closet health freak, coffee craver #dunkindonuts, OCD to-do list maker, black and white movie watcher, and clothes-consigner-for-weekend-money, type of girl. 

let's get coffee. you're buying. 

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