How To Wear a Detachable Collar

How to wear a detachable collar

Roksanda Ilincic cotton dress, $1,930
Mango tie dye shirt, £30
Chan Luu sequin tank, $295
Wildfox Couture crop top, $119
FAIR true collared shirt, £25
All Saints short skirt, $275
Ruched skirt
Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans, $525
Chrissie Morris high heels, $1,290
Mel oxford shoes, $64
Stuart Weitzman wedge heels, £300
Prada platform heels, $950
Alexander McQueen black leather clutch, $1,395
Dannijo long necklace, $495
Madewell straw fedora, $58
Round sunglasses, $369
Karl Printed faux leather collar, $120
Gold sequin peter pan collar, $9

This was the hardest polyvore collage I've made. Because really, how the ef DO you wear a detachable collar??????? Here in west Texas the whole idea is still relatively taboo; as in I've never seen someone don a detachable collar here. While I don't own one myself, I totally love the idea and would definitely sport one. Plus, there are TONS of DIY's out there to make your own affordable collar. Still hesitant to wear a collar? Ease yourself into the transition by wearing a metal chain or beaded collar necklace. That way, it's the same look but you can tell the gawkers, "IT'S A FREAKING NECKLACE."

Anyways. For a little more push, I've found some inspiration for this novel accessory.

Loving the studdage on that last pic. Seriously must fashion myself a detachable collar in the near future..... 


This Week's Obsession: Lulu's Mint Sweater

I found this gem on lulus.com. It's called "Instu-mint-al beats Mint Sweater." Catchy stuff. I'm really into ANYTHING asymmetrical right now. I have hi-lo skirts galore, so it's only natural that this favorite hemline translates into sweaters.

I really love lulus. Whenever people ask me which website they should shop at that is cute and affordable,  I ALWAYS suggest this site.

Now back to studying! I'm going to eat happy hour sushi and watch the Hunger Games tonight--stoked!


What I've Been Wearing Lately

:::thursday night:::
:::formal chapter:::
:::St. Patricks day (green belt):::
:::spring break (great denim top, even better cake):::
:::new rings:::
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This Week's Obsession: Jason Wu Gown

Often times I like to browse net-a-porter.com and pretend I'm able to shop that like it's Ross. Tonight was one of those nights.

To me, this dress is feminine perfection. If I was an elite socialite in the upper east side à la Blair Waldorf, I would definitely wear this to my next formal soiree. I could see Man Repeller wearing this on a tuesday afternoon with blue feather heels and YES I would still rave about how much I love it.

Jason Wu Spring Collection '12

And here we have the shorter version!!

How to shop vintage

I would love it if you would head over to Frockstock's website and check out my guest blog post for them: How to shop vintage!!

Click here!
Thanks for reading!


Spring Break=Blog Drought

Sorry about my lack of blogging, I think it's been over a week. I know all of you have either A) killed yourself by now or B) have slipped into a Ben and Jerry's depression.

I have been spring breaking with my 12 favorite idiot friends in Rockport/Port A, TX. And what a wild ride it's been!!!!

I can't wait to get back to eating moderately healthy foods at normal hours of the day and even working out. Also can't wait to paint my nails because God knows I feel like a lesbian right now. Is there a nail polish brand out there that will last more than 5 days!?!?!?

In other news, I will immediately get back to blogging, brace yourself for my spring watch list. Aka items that magazines and blogs have mentally coerced me into thinking I can't live without.

OH. And don't forget to read my guest blog on frockstock.com which will be posted Saturday! How to shop vintage!


This Week's obsession: The stiletto jeans

"HELLO, LOVER!!!!!" -Carrie Bradshaw

click to buy these babies for $176 off piperlime.com
These aren't something I'd normally find appealing. Seeing these folded on a table in a boutique might even have scared me away. Now, of course, that I have seen them accessorized and worn well thanks to Blair Eadie, I can confidently say that I want/need/must have these "lemon grass polka dot yellow stiletto jeans" ...phew, what a name!

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot CROPPED SKINNY JEANS. Doesn't necessarily rhyme as well but when they look this good, who curs. 

As with every Blair Eadie ensemble, I am fascinated by the effortless way she can pull off outfits with 'more than one focal point' as many stylists, the fashion police, and designers advise against. The idea is that "simple is always best" and wearing tons of jewelry, with bright pattern pants, with layered tops, a statement necklace, AND pop-color lipstick might seem to be all too much for the eyes, but Blair is able to stand against that notion. WITH EVERY OUTFIT. Even Chanel, THE ALMIGHTY, said to take 1 piece of jewelry off before leaving the house every day (of course, that was before Leandra of Man Repeller coined arm party), but Blair makes me want to combine every color/pattern I own and then slap a statement necklace and lipstick on top. 

So I just went on and on about Blair's style, which I could talk for another hour about, but let's not lose sight here: the Current Elliott jeans really make the outfit here. Distressed boyfriend jeans would have been cute, dark skinnies would've been classy, but these unexpected yellow's just take a fresh, modern, and totally unexpected twist. 

And I need that Zara clutch. 
Happy Sunday!


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