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Just rehashing what I said in the last blog, Halitosis is bad breath disease. One gets this by eating sh*t consistently. When you eat crap, your teeth rot, and your tongue changes. When you eat crap, your stomach has to produce a lot of acid to digest it. Over years, all the damage on your teeth, tongue, and stomach take its toll, and when you breathe out, your breath is atrocious. Because of all the crap you ate in your teens and twenties.

Eat cheetos=have bad teeth, tongue, stomach=Halitosis=Bad breath=No one wants to kiss you=Be single forever.


Ok, I'm off my soap box.


This is a serious one.

Recently, I've realized just how important it is to take care of one's body. Recently, as in I discovered something about someone close to my family, and it hit me really hard how it is so important to take care of yourself starting when you're young. We all know we should eat healthy and exercise, and we all know that smoking causes lung cancer, and drinking reeks havoc on our liver and morals, but we still feed our bodies fast food on a weekly basis, partake in the social cigarette, and drink until we can't remember all too much. People my age never stop and truly think about the consequences--cancer, diseases, early death, mental disabilities and not to mention Halitosis (bad breath disease), and skin/hair/nail problems.

I've always believed that everything your body does is the effect of what you eat. Yeah I know we've all heard that cliche "You are what you eat" but I think most people only think of that in terms of their weight and fat percentage. But I truly believe that if you don't eat fruits and veggies, you will have acne. If you don't eat fruits and veggies, you will have bad breath. If you don't eat healthy, you will develop ADD.

I am one of those people. Maybe it was my upbringing on nutritious foods, or I've seen one too many Dr. Oz episodes, but I just think everything is about the food. Your machine performs based on the quality of fuel you give it. And it's more than just having a hot body and flawless-model skin... It's about maintaining good memory, avoiding arthritis and bone loss, having a good enough immune system to fight off cancer, or even just getting the right amount of sleep.

My dad has sleep apnea. He has to have a breathing device with him every night to sleep. I always knew about this, but didn't realize the severity of that particular condition until recently. When someone has sleep apnea, their breathing and heart beat slows drastically, dangerously, and if never treated it could stop in your sleep. Another factor of sleep apnea is you just don't sleep very well. If you don't go through all of the stages in your sleeping cycle, your body cannot repair itself and never heals properly, if at all. Many people who go untreated just fall over and die. Literally, they will be carrying out an activity during the day, and their heart will just stop. Seriously.

And all of that could be because you didn't take care of yourself when you were younger. If you don't eat foods like honey, bananas, eggs, nuts, or seeds, your body isn't getting nutrients like tryptophan that help you sleep. (I'm not a doctor, obviously, but if you ate your ramen and cookies or burgers and ice cream for the greater part of your 20s, it is going to have a lasting effect for the rest of your life, not just that day).

I believe food can solve problems better than things like anti depressants and 5 hour energy shots can. I truly think that acne is a cause of greasy things you eat, and eating right EVERY DAY can fix it better than if someone keeps eating crap and then rubs Proactive on their face at night.

And then there are people who dip tobacco, I won't mention any names, JAAAAAAAAAKKKEE, and then there are those who quit dipping tobacco...... 80 times a month, again, not pointing any fingers, ☞ FAAAATTTTHHHEERRRR.

Dipping is effing disgusting. No girl wants to date/marry/be-within-40-feet-of a guy who is spitting brown liquid sh*t out of his mouth into a dispenser that is also full of brown liquid sh*t. I once heard this random statistic a long time ago, I don't know where, I don't know when, BUT I FULLY BELIEVE IT IS TRUE: Tobacco is the #1 cause of cancer. When you dip tobacco (or smoke for that matter) you are literally just slitting your wrists. You are killing yourself. And you know what, at least when someone slits their wrists, they will have all of their hair and will probably look decent for their open casket, BUT IF YOU HAVE CANCER YOU WILL DIE BALD. This is going down a bad road. If you have cancer, I truly apologize. Just trying to deter b*tches from dipping tobacco/smoking.

Then there are genetics. I know genes play a huge role in diseases and things like that whether you eat healthy or not. I get that. Some stuff doesn't care about all of the healthy things you ate. Some stuff you just can't help. But even if Alzheimer's does run in your family, shouldn't that give you even more of a reason to eat omega 3's and foods that are good for your mind? I  know first hand the troubles of having Thunder Thighs run in my genes, but that doesn't discourage me from exercising. In fact it's WHY I exercise.

My friends know that I am a closet health freak and always buy SHAPE magazine, make smoothies, take supplements, and make a weekly effort to exercise. They also know my love for mexican food and chocolate. So by any means, don't think I'm this vegan health nazi who only eats wheatgrass shots and wears organic cotton clothing. I'm far from being a health nazi, and the Jack n' the Box staff grew very familiar to seeing me circa 4 AM on the  occasional weekly friday night. I'm also one of those people who "only smokes when I drink" blah blah and it really is a disgusting habit that needs to stop. I don't even like it!!! I literally don't even enjoy it, it makes me feel IMMEDIATELY sick!! Why do I do this to myself????? If I get lung cancer I'm going to be really pissed because I didn't even enjoy acquiring it all of these years?????? Liver cancer is another thing, however.


Perfect time for new years revolutions right? Left. Now I wanted to include foods with high antioxidants. Remember, antioxidants fight cancer, AND UNDO ALL THE STUPID THINGS YOU'VE BEEN DOING TO YOURSELF. (speaking to myself too).

Food Serv. Size /Antioxidants
Small Red Bean (dried)
Half cup
Wild blueberry
1 cup
Red kidney bean (dried)
Half cup
Pinto bean
Half cup
Blueberry (cultivated)
1 cup
1 cup (whole)
Artichoke (cooked)
1 cup (hearts)
1 cup
Dried Prune
Half cup
1 cup
1 cup
Red Delicious apple
Granny Smith apple
1 ounce
Sweet cherry
1 cup
Black plum
Russet potato (cooked)
Black bean (dried)
Half cup
Gala apple

And finally, here is one of my favorite real-life health blogs. http://undressedskeleton.tumblr.com/ 
It's chalk full of healthy recipes, her before and after pics, motivating crap, and tips.

If you really want to get crazy, check out my "Hot bod" board on twitter, in which I repin frivolous fitness things I plan on doing. http://pinterest.com/gusta88/hot-bod/



RZ Pre-fall '12.... I DIE

Um wow. Wow. This pre-fall collection is by far my favorite so far... Her signature tuxedo look was taken up a notch with, what I would call "blazer dresses," and bright flare legs. Super chic. Not the mention the flowy lovely dresses that are equally brill. I noticed that Rachel designed some long leather gloves, very akin to the DVF ones in her pre-fall collection which I previously blogged about... me thinks I need to get a jump start on the trends and buy them before their prices skyrocket. I think it also should be mentioned all the "nip action" that took runways and fall collections by storm. Designers are just really embracing womens' anatomy in the coming seasons I suppose? It'll be interesting to see how these "nip action" designs play out on the red carpet and department stores.

And don't forget to notice the shoes. I see slouchy booties and sleek ass strappy heels in my future.

"Nip Action" design
Signature Tuxedo with a tweak
To. Die. For.
Just breathtaking!!!!! 
A little something I like to call the blazer dress
So sleek & chick
Altogether now.... I DIE.

Favorites from Urbanog.com

Favorites from Urbanog.com


Nice to meet you, I'm Retarded.

This is a fashion blog. Obvs. But every now and then something happens in my life that really can't go without further public humiliation via blogging about it. Last night...... something happened, and I really shouldn't blog about it for fear of being judged to no end, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Here we go.

So last night I was coloring my hair mind you, (yes another hair color disaster story) and everything was going well. I bought a box of Natural Instinct in the "darkest brown" color, and read the instructions to my liking and so on. I carefully apply the color to my head. I even put vaseline on my forehead and ears, so as not to stain my skin, obvs. SO AS NOT TO STAIN MY EYEBROWS, OBVS. Haha jk, that's another story.

After meticulously applying the color (I even got fancy slash crafty and left my ends dry, so I could have that coveted "ombre" hairstyle), I waited 20 minutes and ate my mom's really bland homemade soup. Then I went to the shower to rinse the dye. I realized that the dark color didn't wash down the drain, and in addition, my hair was feeling suspiciously soft and tangle-free. And that's when I realized.
I "colored" my hair with the leave-in conditioner. Pause for affect.

So, Hi, I'm clinically mentally handicapped. Then after I rinsed the conditioner, I blow dried my hair because I was determined to still color it that night, but my hair was so EFFING moisturized that the conditioner could barely wash/dry out. I dried it as much as I could, but the roots and kind of the ends were still dampish so I just threw in the towel and started coloring it, with the actual color this time.

Then I realize I should have purchased two boxes of hair color because the little color tube could only fully cover a head of fetus hair, and I maybe covered half of my hair with the limited amount of dye I had.  And I couldn't tell which parts I put dye on, and which parts were just damp from the conditioner. UGH. So I waited 20 minutes. Then washed it out. For what it's worth. Then let it dry naturally. For what it's worth.

And it looks basically the same. I mean, IIII can tell the difference, and IIII think it's darker, but I look at my hair everyday, so I'm the only one to notice the slight difference. ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrREAT!!!!!



How to sport those sequin shorts


DKNY long sleeve shirt, $189
McQ by Alexander McQueen slouchy shirt, £81
Oversized sweater, $80
TopShop chiffon shirt, $68
Dorothy Perkins top, $21
Halston Heritage short shorts, $325
Patrizia Pepe short shorts, £110
French Connection sequin shorts, $198
Fogal tight, $60
Sequin shorts, $55
TopShop high waisted shorts, £45
Tulle Clothing checkered tight, $15
Burberry thigh high boots, £665
Isabel marant boots, $580
Dolce Vita black suede boots, $149
Steve Madden platform high heels, $145
Valentino leopard clutch, $2,545
Fiona Paxton chain necklace, $350
Kenneth Jay Lane gold necklace, £271
MTWTFSS Weekday silver necklace, €40

I feel like everyone is scared of sequin shorts. I can maybe count on one hand how many people I know who own them. Sequins are always a holiday staple, but people get stuck only wearing sequin dresses and tops. Well people, it's time to expand your sequin horizons. I see these in every boutique and online store I visit, yet seldom see them on actual people.

So repeat after me: I can pull off sequin shorts. I can pull off sequin shorts.
Now click your heels 3 times with your eyes closed.

Now there are a few ways you can wear this depending on your body and style. The Jane Fonda's and Kate Moss's of this world can sport the "leotard" shorts on the very right. Very akin to the leotard trend that took the runways by storm for the spring '12 collections. I like to think it should be paired with tights and low heels or flats, just so people don't think you're a prostitute. Also a basic tee, blazer, and sassy necklace.

You could also dress them down by pairing them with a chunky sweater. The outfit in the middle is probably what I would be most likely to wear. Paired with those DV Jemmas, you really can't go wrong.

A sassy diva would sport the outfit with the bright pink top and leopard clutch, which would also look superb with the Jemmas.

My favorite outfit is on the very left. I love monotone/neutral/nude outfits, and I die for those Steve Madden heels.

So please, FEAR NOT THE SEQUIN SHORTS. And to end this post, I'll leave you with some inspiration pics...

Well happy holidays sequin shorts shopping!!!


Favorites from Revolveclothing.com

S & M

Well I took a waltz through Forever21 (when I say Forever21, let's all just pretend I mean Bergdorf's, then we will all feel happier) today, with a small disclosed amount of cash stowed away in my Minkoff, and I came upon a garment that will serve as the main focus of my Christmas Eve outfit.

Theerrrre she is

Immediately when I saw this, I thought "sweater." It's like when you see peanut butter, you think "jelly." Or when you see vodka and you think "cranberry juice" or "vomit" or whatever. So essentially, I'm thinking about wearing the sweater + maxi (what did you think S & M means?? duh...) trend for The Eve.

Bring on the inspo...

One of my new fave blogs, click da pic
Phillip Lim/Pre-fall '12

And since it's christmas and all, why not fest it up with a little lip color? Tonight I decided my next lip purchase will be Orange Flip by Revlon..
*lip color by revlon*
Maybe I'll find a great metal choker to sport with my S & M outfit?
(I had to read the previous sentence on the "preview" format before I realized how wrong it sounded, so for clarification, I'm going to throw in a picture of what kind of choker I mean...)

 Stay tuned to see what sweater slash and or choker I come up with.....


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