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For as many fashion blogs I read, and lookbook.nu outfits I pin, you would probably think that I have a million outfit ideas up my sleeve for any and all situations slash scenarios. Well. Negatory. Getting dressed for a minor social outing the other night, I found myself pulling out the same skirt from Forever21 that has become one of my staple "going out" outfits. I bought it freshmen year of college thinking it was so scandalous. This cheap ol' Forevs piece has been used, abused, and been through more than any party skirt should ever have to go to. It has lasted through a Blackberry, 2 iPhones, and has been with me on every vacation from Boston to Austin. Yes, a cheap Forever21 skirt has lasted that long.

My black skirt staple

But since I've become so comfortable with my go-to outfit, I've realized how much I'm limiting myself. Really, what is the fun in a fitted black skirt?!?!?! Man Repeller would shame me. My iPhone may have gotten stolen the other night (whilst wearing the skirt staple) but the emergency category in my brain has mainly been focused on the fact that I am in a HUGE fashion rut.

Must. Burn. My black skirt.

So now when I browse my fav fashion blogs, and pin my fav peeps on lookbook.nu, I am on a mission. I am determined to don a trendy fashion forward outfit over christmas break, SANS BLACK SKIRT. The madness must seize.

Here are some outfit inspos I've come upon in the past and MUST apply in the future...

Not sure when I'll find the opportune moment to sport a corset and slitted skirt in my small town,
but where there is a will, there is a fashion obsessed freak.
Black maxi dress + brown sash belt + brown leather jacket + combat boots
Statement pencil skirt + checkered  blouse + bauble necklace + Blair Waldorf headband + arm party + wedges
Cranberry tights + blueberry sweater + pumpkin leather skirt + chain necklace + SNAKESKIN HEELS!
Hi - Low skirt + blouse + skinny belt + faux fur neck wrap + leather jacket + Celine bag? (in my fashion dreams)
2 tone outfit: Ripped tights + jagged skirt + matching cardi and scarff + black booties
Statement skirt + DIY stud top + tights
Simple black skirt, top, tights + statement jacket and shoes
Printed sweater + collared top + pleated skirt + tights
Basic tee + party dress + statement necklace + BAD ASS SPIKE BOOTIES (she designed them herself) *bamf*
Leopard + different shades of the same bright color + gold dangles
Hi - Low dress under cropped sweater, over mesh/leather leggings + leather jacket + bootie wedges

Well hopefully my future blogs will be success stories about how I conquered my fashion rut via fashion blog/loookbook.nu inspiration. Maybe I inspired you to also get out of your fashion rut, I know we all have them. Unless by chance Rachel Zoe is reading this blog, she probably doesn't have one.


Any who, I've been meaning to blog about this goal for quite some time. Can you say ARM PARTY?!?!!?!? I dream of baubles, gold bangles, cocktail rings, bark bracelets, oversized Kors watches and Yurman dangling from my wrists. And I feel like you aren't a true legit fashion blogger until you've donned an arm party holding a latte...

Latte + finger party

Latte + arm party + rad nails + engagement ring
Latte + arm party + necklace dance

Okay that wraps it up, I vow to gather up various dangles to come to my arm party, as well as abandon my black skirt. And grab a latte while I'm at it. Now to help my boyfriend clean his house. I'm so *sweet*.

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  1. Love all the arm candy!




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