Keeps me sane

I spent over 8 hours in the library today. So that is sort of like having a job. Except this job is to do a group project by yourself, write over 10 pages of research, proofread everything you've written for a portfolio, and be wired on caffeine. And not get paid for it. Ohhhhhh, finals.

Well despite all of the studying, today I have found things that keep me sane. And I hate to be Cheesy-Mc-Skeezzyyy, but the only reason I realized these things was because of my friends.

Exhibit A
      I read this little diddy on facebook, from one of my high school friends, on my cold morning bus ride to class...

"Laying in bed thinking about how bad it's going to be to wake up in 4 hours to go take 3 finals and give a presentation, but really how bad is it? I've been so blessed to live with life I get to. I'm laying in my own bed with a roof over my head. I'm privileged enough to get to go to college  to take those finals. And on top of that I have one of the best families, group of friends, and girlfriend you could ever ask for. And it's all because of the big man upstairs that I get to live this amazing life. Thank you God!"

Um, wow???????????????? Now I feel worthless for complaining about having to take TWO finals on DIFFERENT day???????? These words just hit the spot during these times. 

Exhibit B
       Well, I was thaaaat girl today. You know. That girl who cries in public. In the library. Before I continue with this story, just watch this.... And I can't figure out how to embed it, so if  you're really determined, just copy paste that sht.


I laughed til I cried when I watched this. Before you judge me for laughing/crying at something so stupid, it needs to be known that I was all jacked up on Mountain Dew Coffee, and had only eaten half of a salad (i know, i'm a bird). AKA, I was #delirious. But my favorite part of this story involves the poor guy in the mini cubicle next to me. I was sniffing, and snickering, and trying to stifle my laughter/tears, and he kept looking over at me probably thinking, what the hell is wrong with this bimbo????? He probably thought I was crying over finals/studying. Which I guess is partially true also.

Thank you MK for your frivolous ways, and making an Elf Yourself video.

Exhibit C
         Wednesday nights. I sent a picture in a mass text to some friends, containing various liquids that may or mayn't be illegal when it pertains to certain age groups. This picture came attached with a date and time, and a "be there or I'll kill you" type of message. Basically, my friends and I get together every Wednesday night to watch American Horror Story, drink copious amounts of wine, have impromptu strobe-light-dance-parties, and stuff as many mini cupcakes as we can into a certain person's mouth. You know. Typical college procedures.

Ahh, friends. They keep me young. 
Thanks for reading. It's been real, It's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun.

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