#30daychallenge--THE RECAP & WRAP UP

lol. this is overdue.

My take on the clean eating challenge:
Craving ranch dressing/cookies during the challenge
Eating unhealthy restaurant food
4 minutes later. 

IN ESSENCE......There are a few reasons this is on the late side. 1) I've been busy graduating college and moving to a different city. So there's that. 2) This is more of a "lifestyle" thing for me and not just a "30 day" thing. I eat really healthy, or "clean" if you will, just day to day. I wanted to do this challenge to force myself to cook different healthy meals and try new options when eating out. In that regards, it was successful.

But, like, lol, BE SERIOUS. 
When it's senior night and I'm with all my kappa friends at Chimy's, DO NOT EXPECT ME TO ASK THE BARTENDER IF THEIR QUESO IS CURATED FROM ORGANIC EUROPEAN CHEESES. So while I honestly genuinely truly did eat healthy on my own at home, I did have my nights out with friends where I kind of just ignored the clean eating challenge for a solid 20 minutes.

With that said... I really cut back on eating out. I only ate out MAYBE once per week. I was fully stalked on groceries during this challenge. I was making trips to Market Street on the daily--TWIST MY ARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What struck me the most about this challenge
was how much my body was affected when I went back to eating something "unclean." For example, I once ate a Schlotzsky's sandwich (the original) with potato chips during the challenge--AND CONSEQUENTLY WANTED TO DIE. It tasted wonderful--don't get me wrong--but my stomach was in KNOTS. SAILOR KNOTS. I realized that I hadn't had white bread in a really long time. That was hard to digest. It just feels like an elephant is sitting on you, is all.

Another time, long after the "challenge" (April 14-May 14) was over, I went out with some girlfriends to celebrate our last night in college together. We went to Ruby's and I ate chips and nachos. But what it felt like I ate was 1000 little demons that scratched and punched the lining of my stomach walls. I attempted to go out drinking with them afterwards, but it was really difficult. It hurt to digest so bad, that I couldn't even stand up straight for about an hour after eating dinner. SO, YES, I FEEL LIKE A PATHETIC DELICATE FLOWER NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT WHITE FLOUR.

My friends, celebrating our last nights in Lubbock together (you know who you are)
Me, in the corner, at the bars, after an "unclean" meal... OuT WiTh My gUrLz!!!
Like, my friends would tell me to "man up take this shot" and I would be like "I CAN'T RIGHT NOW I HAVE CROHN'S DISEASE" and they would give me hell and I would take it anyway so there's that.

That's what has stood out to me the most about clean eating. My body is so used to eating natural foods (OH AND MILLER LITE & VODKA CRANBERRIES) that white flour and cheese just totally jolted it. I've never had issues with eating Schlotzsky's or Ruby's nachos before this challenge. Good, bad, happy or sad, IT KIND OF JUST IS WHAT IT IS.

Thoughts on Frozen Yogurt
CLEAN, NOT CLEAN???? HEALTHY, UNHEALTHY???? HOLY, SAC-RELIGIOUS???????? The debate is never ending. I will always be a proponent of the magical froyo. Red Mango offers the best options. Most of their flavors are all natural and all that jazz. BUT I MEAN, THE GIRL WHO KNOWS THE STAFF INTRICATELY AT SPOONFUL IS PRETTY BRAND LOYAL TO SAID FROYO ESTABLISHMENT...... I would get fruit and dark chocolate on my froyo and not be sorry at any time throughout the 30 day kick. so there SO THERE so there.

Have I lost weight?
Ahh, the milli dolla question. THE PREGUNTA OF THE HORA. While I would tell you, NO, I have not lost and or misplaced any pounds anywhere, I HAVE in fact received a lot of compliments on looking slimmer.

My first reaction to those compliments have been, "Thank you." My second reaction has been, "I'm not skinnier, but thank you and I'm glad your perception of me is so large" LOL haaa jkkjkjkjk I don't actually say that. I DO LOOK FABULOUS, SO I SHALL HUMBLY ACCEPT KIND WORDS.

What now?
I'm still going to eat clean, just because I like it. I'm not on any "diet" or "challenge." I just honestly like eating healthy.....--SAYS THE GIRL WHO ATE QUESADILLAS AND A COOKIE YESTERDAY????????? #FREEFOODATTHEOFFICE

Despite the office food, yesterday I ate (well, um, scarfed down in a rush) grapefruit and blackberries with blonde roast coffee for breakfast. When I got home, I had a sweet potato w/ olive oil, quinoa w/ lemon (oh, which I burned by the way, had to throw a pan away, by the away, well anyway), and a spinach salad w/ tomato, cottage cheese, snap peas and feta cheese.


THEN I got crazy, and for desert I had berries and Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt AND dark chocolate almonds, and I need to stop buying those because they're becoming a nahw-stee little habit (i said that in my head in a british accent btw). I'm going to wake up one day, look in the mirror, and a dark chocoloate almond is going to be staring back at me.

The other day, I ordered homemade granola w/ milk and berries when eating brunch (Bread Winners) with my parents. Sometimes the healthy option is just what sounds the tastiest to me. Unlike the day before that, when enchiladas sounded the best (Mannys).

In the future
I would like to either...

  • A) give the clean30 another shot--NO CHEATING OR EATING OUT. *yikes* to that... OR... 
  • B) Get really weird and try out some vegan lifestyles....BUT NOT FOR A MONTH, LOL, BE SERIOUS. I would be interested in going veganskies for TWO weeks TOPS. #mamalikeshermeat

If you want to know more about the #clean30challenge, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Little Runner Girl's and Skinny Minnie Moves blogs. They're full of WAY better tips and motivation for any challenges or health endeavors you may or may not be embarking in the future.

Ryan's take on the challenge, soon to follow :} 
his post will be funnier.

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