Super entertaining stuff right here. What blog dreams are made of.

This meal became my "#WHOLE30 GO-TO IM FUNGRY AND NEED TO EAT ASAP" meal. It's made of healthy ingredients I can VIOLENTLY THROW together and eat in a mad starving after-work-pre-group-project-allnighter ordeal. 

This pasta. This. Pasta. You'll never know you're on a "clean" eating kick with this stuff. Whole wheat pasta, mushrooms, spinach, natural tomato sauce, parm cheese. Hellllloooooo. hello. 

Hi rushed morning to internship breakfast/snack/coffee. 

I call this my "THROW EVERYTHING INTO A BOWL AND HEAT IT" delicacy.  Beautifully photoed here, we have red pepper soup, mushrooms, herbs and quinoa. 

So I made this pasta a lot. 


Not pictured in this photo-pic-storage-post..... Ben & Jerry's ice cream during long hours at the study lounge with the campaigns group project peeps...... Josie's burrito after pulling an all nighter with said group project...... wine and italian food with the sister in Dallas......... Kappa Kupcake on senior night....... AND CHIMY'S TACOS IN THERE SOMEWHERE. #30DAYCLEANEATINGCHALLENGE

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