Retro Bob Bright Pants

Spongebob reference in the title. I'm  m a t u r e.

Turban: vintage scarf from Dallas
Shirt/Jeans/Rings/Bracelets/Sunglasses: F21
Necklace: House of Harlow
Body cross clutch: George Gina Lucy
Shoes: Modern Vintage 

This ring I made myself. 

Had fun wearing these brights for a friend's birthday dinner tonight. It was a little retro with the shades, lips, and headwrap, but I feel like Lubbock is used to me dressing like I don't belong here. I mean that in a non-emo tone.

Will try to do more outfit posts in the future with my lovely photog, Kathryn!


Slim Your Cereal

I've always been a level 10 fan of cereal, but lately I've really tweaked the way I eat it. Making it a little healthier, mind you. Don't worry, I'm not saying to get some buckwheat and broccoli and throw some milk on it or anything, no no no. Just simple tweaks and you can make your morning bowl more satisfying. 

Fun Ingredients 

Meet almond milk, Americans. Almond milk tastes just as good in your cereal as cow milk, but it's like... ridiculously low in calories. If you're a hard @ss like me, you'll stick to the unsweetened kind, which is the lowest in calories--35. The vanilla has 90, which I'm sure tastes better alone, but we are talking about cereal here, people. 

Frozen fruit. Buy it. Always have it. Life staple. Once again, buy the unsweetened kind. Why buy frozen fruit if you're going to get the sugary kind and cancel out all the fun low calorie benefits???? 

Fiber One cereal has this uncanny ability to taste like normal cereal but have about 239402 grams of fiber in 1 serving. And look at that big bold number on the box! 80 calories! That is great. So yes, while Lucky Charms still probably taste better just remember this little jingle as you undergo spiritual warfare in the cereal aisle: heart, stars, and horse shoes, clovers and blue moons, pots of golden rainbows, AND A BIG FAT ASS. You'll choose Fiber One every time. 

Fun Instructions
So what I do is pour a bowl of frozen fruit, pretending it's cereal. AKA about a cup of the frozen fruit. Then pour the all-powerful almond milk over it. Then pour the the cereal, covering all of the top of the fruit. Roughly a half a cup-ish??? Depends on the size of bowl and how hungry you are I guess.

Fun Rant
Basically what you have here is the skinnyb!tch version of your 2% milk and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Speaking of Skinny Bitch..........

I came across this book in the SUB today and laughed out loud. Seriously, who published this book???????? It reminds me of a SNL skit. Am I the only one who thinks this? It's just that the title of this book is so cheeky and sarcastic, but the typeface, picture, and overall aesthetic of the bookcover is so classic and simple, the book might as well be titled "Barefoot Contessa" AM I RIGHT???? You see it among the other classic simple cookbooks just like this, and at first glance you think "Oh another cookbook" and then you see the title and it says "Bitch" on the front, and it just kind of throws you off?????? I think Kim Barnouin would've benefitted by sticking with her skinny-in-the-black-dress cartoon girl holding a plate of cartoon food or something. 

Another thing::::: SKINNY BITCH IS ALL ABOUT VEGANISM BUT THAT IS NO WHERE ON THE COVER. MISLEADING. FALSE ADVERTISING. Some poor middle aged woman bought this cookbook thinking "Yay, I'm going to be a skinny bitch!" Went home, and realized she doesn't have grasswheat shots stocked in her cupboard, nor the willpower to forgo honey, beef, or Burts bee's chapstick. 

AAND another thing:::: "Bod"... the last line says "bod." BOD is not a word. BOD is an abbreviation for BODY. Why does this bother me so much??? Maybe because the cartoon is peeking up and ruining the view of the grapes, I don't know, but BOD is lazy, JUST PUT BODY. ... YYYYYYYYYYYY. 

Also, PS, cute tribal tattoo.

sorry, kim b.


This Week's Obsession: Floral Wave Tank by Unif

Floral Wave Tank by Unif

I'm obsesssssssssed. Don't you think there is an easy way to sew this?? Just some sheer fabric and an elastic band right? Hmph. I often regret dropping out of Apparel Design. Anyways. I love anything sheer and asymmetrical this season so this little number was like a double whammy of awesome. I found it on my new favesie website, Gypsy Warrior, for $68. So, yes, a little pricey for a sheer tank. Hence my reasoning for dreaming of a DIY version. 

Where the heck could you wear this???
Ahh, a question I often as myself when pursuing corset tops and tutu skirts at local boutiques. While class is definitely not the time or place for this sassy top, I do think it could be pulled off on girl's nights out, beach days, shopping days, bar nights, music festivals, or any day-time summer party. Personally, I wouldn't wear this on a date, but I think it depends on you and the boy you're going on a date with. It could be pulled off. I have friends who could pull this top off on a date. But me? Oh no. 

What would I wear this with?
For this summery top, the obvious first choice is high waisted denim cut-offs like this model. Pretty much high waisted anything to balance out the cropped factor. High waisted jeans--skinny or flared, or a  mini pencil skirt (like pleasure doing business brand). For nights out with the girls or at the bars, I say a skirt. For summer shopping days, or day parties, I say cut off shorts. High waist dark flare jeans would be cute for date night or anything more formal/conservative. 


I have a blog button!

I'm so legitimate.

See it on the right side of my page, and please "GRAB" it!!!


This week's obsession: NOTHING TO DO WITH FASHION.

Alcohol. This week's obsession is alcohol. Turning 21 tomorrow. I think that about covers it.

I had thought about writing a sentimental blog about the pains and joys of growing up and being young but I have 2 quizes tomorrow and I just spent circa 30 minutes changing and nit-picking my Twitter background. So I shan't waste anymore time on social media.

My new twitter background. 2 L e g i t 2 q u i t. 



First of all, Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!
 I have celebrated by googling easter pugs multiple times this weekend. 

Back to business. I have had a lot of time this weekend to relax, do nothing, and most importantly READ BLOGS. I've found so many new favorite blogs this weekend that I have to blog about it. Here we go.

1. Running On Happiness.

Meet Katie. 27, married, 2 dogs, dances in grocery stores, and has chic style (and not to mention highly coveted hair that is both long and perfectly ombre'd). From her blog, I discovered the next couple blogs. 

This is Mara. Also married, also a dog owner, yet it still remains unknown if she too likes to dance in grocery stores. Anyways, you should check out her blog if anything, just to see her wedding posts. Her wedding was BEAUTIFUL and she goes into detail writing about each detail of it. She has a quirky-vintage-cute style that is great inspiration for every day outfits.

She has a lot of uplifting and inspirational posts, in addition to interesting photography. Perfect fashion blog to check when you're feeling a little down. 

Snapshots of her life and clothes, with giveaways and DIY's. Your classic fashion blog. With long blonde hair.

From her about me:
"I'm obsessed with Harry Potter.  If you say anything negative about Harry Potter, I will hunt you down and cut your tongue out. Normally I'm cool with differences of opinion, but not in this case.  If you don't like Harry Potter, we cannot be friends. "

"Oh yeah, and you should probably know--I swear sometimes. I keep it to a minimum on my blog, but I really have ZERO problem with cursing and actually think it's kind of hilariously awesome. Dealbreaker? I hope not."

..... A girl of my own heart. 

How To Wear Denim Tops

How To Wear Denim Tops

Ksubi denim top, $125
Madewell low top, $78
See by Chloe tie blouse, $370
Topshop bustier shirt, $56
Jaeger herringbone pants, £140
Jay Ahr elastic waist pants, $2,215
J Crew knee length pencil skirt, $60
One Teaspoon denim jean shorts, €80
AllSaints shorts, $55
Victoria's Secret cat shoes, $128
H&M rubber soled shoes, £7.99
Cheetah booties, $56
Dsquared shoes, $765
Alexander mcqueen handbag, $2,650
Hive Honey circle necklace, $30
Feather jewelry, $59
Ted Baker studded waist belt, £39

I've been on a denim top kick lately. It's so easy/versatile and is one of the only types of tops that you can wear to class, work, or out to the bars in! Another favorite trick of mine is to belt it over a dress, to make it more casual. My favorite denim top is from Forever21, but you can find them at vintage/secondhand stores by the dozens. Buy a fitted one to tuck into skirts, and a relaxed-fit one to belt over dresses or wear with jeans. 

I LOVE this cut out denim top. (lovelyish.com)
Great neon pop. (serpentinestreets.blogspot.com)
Tied over a dress. Very west Texas! (runningonhappiness.com)
Tied under a blazer--love!! (runningonhappiness.com)


This Week's Obsession: Floral Hairpiece


Lately I've been really drawn to floral headwear. I'm just really getting into the spirit of spring I guess????? With that said, happy Easter Sunday! (and April fools day, but I can't really wish you a proper April fool's day without first pranking you...)

I've been so inspired to make one of these, I finally just had to do it yesterday.

End result: 

Pinterest Inspo's:

My next flower hair piece will definitely be more on the dainty side. I might be more likely to wear it in public if it looks something like the last picture. But don't get me wrong---Easter weekend WILL be graced with my daisy hair piece!!!!!

Click here for a great DIY!!!! 




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