First of all, Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!
 I have celebrated by googling easter pugs multiple times this weekend. 

Back to business. I have had a lot of time this weekend to relax, do nothing, and most importantly READ BLOGS. I've found so many new favorite blogs this weekend that I have to blog about it. Here we go.

1. Running On Happiness.

Meet Katie. 27, married, 2 dogs, dances in grocery stores, and has chic style (and not to mention highly coveted hair that is both long and perfectly ombre'd). From her blog, I discovered the next couple blogs. 

This is Mara. Also married, also a dog owner, yet it still remains unknown if she too likes to dance in grocery stores. Anyways, you should check out her blog if anything, just to see her wedding posts. Her wedding was BEAUTIFUL and she goes into detail writing about each detail of it. She has a quirky-vintage-cute style that is great inspiration for every day outfits.

She has a lot of uplifting and inspirational posts, in addition to interesting photography. Perfect fashion blog to check when you're feeling a little down. 

Snapshots of her life and clothes, with giveaways and DIY's. Your classic fashion blog. With long blonde hair.

From her about me:
"I'm obsessed with Harry Potter.  If you say anything negative about Harry Potter, I will hunt you down and cut your tongue out. Normally I'm cool with differences of opinion, but not in this case.  If you don't like Harry Potter, we cannot be friends. "

"Oh yeah, and you should probably know--I swear sometimes. I keep it to a minimum on my blog, but I really have ZERO problem with cursing and actually think it's kind of hilariously awesome. Dealbreaker? I hope not."

..... A girl of my own heart. 


  1. I love Running on Happiness and Shine Project...thanks for giving me some adorable looking new blogs to stalk, though! :)
    Happy Monday!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  2. P.S. I love your photo in your blog profile...beautiful!



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