This Week's Obsession: Floral Wave Tank by Unif

Floral Wave Tank by Unif

I'm obsesssssssssed. Don't you think there is an easy way to sew this?? Just some sheer fabric and an elastic band right? Hmph. I often regret dropping out of Apparel Design. Anyways. I love anything sheer and asymmetrical this season so this little number was like a double whammy of awesome. I found it on my new favesie website, Gypsy Warrior, for $68. So, yes, a little pricey for a sheer tank. Hence my reasoning for dreaming of a DIY version. 

Where the heck could you wear this???
Ahh, a question I often as myself when pursuing corset tops and tutu skirts at local boutiques. While class is definitely not the time or place for this sassy top, I do think it could be pulled off on girl's nights out, beach days, shopping days, bar nights, music festivals, or any day-time summer party. Personally, I wouldn't wear this on a date, but I think it depends on you and the boy you're going on a date with. It could be pulled off. I have friends who could pull this top off on a date. But me? Oh no. 

What would I wear this with?
For this summery top, the obvious first choice is high waisted denim cut-offs like this model. Pretty much high waisted anything to balance out the cropped factor. High waisted jeans--skinny or flared, or a  mini pencil skirt (like pleasure doing business brand). For nights out with the girls or at the bars, I say a skirt. For summer shopping days, or day parties, I say cut off shorts. High waist dark flare jeans would be cute for date night or anything more formal/conservative. 

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