Allow me to inspire your a$$ off with a few goals I am setting for myself.

Goal #1
I'm making a food goal to start eating more seafood. Well, shrimp and salmon. I'm trying to make my hair grow, thus consuming inhumane portions of protein and popping Biotin pills like it's candy.

Check that proteinage. I feel like I'm turning into Mike, The Situation. But if you think about it, The Sitch does have some great hair....

In other food news, my mom recently got me hooked on making homemade hummus. I kind of wish I had a food processor to do this, but a blender semi suffices. It's really easy. Just throw those garbanzo beans/chick peas in the blender with some olive oil, and ass-tons of seasonings like sea salt, garlic-herb, etc. I'm going to try this conconction mixed with honey mustard or some type of specialty ranch and see how I feel. I'm getting hummus happy. My mom likes to put copious amounts of fresh cilantro in her hummus, turning it completely green. I tried it, and actually liked it. It reminds me of guacamole, and would actually be a good substitution for that.

Check that fiber content. Your system will clear out last week's Thanksgiving meal in no time. Another little trick up my healthy sleeve is to replace chips/crackers with bell pepper slices for dipping purposes. Save calories, save lives

Objectivo numero dos
Well it has become my part time job researching studying abroad programs. I am determined to be out of this country come May/June. So, mi amigos, if all goes as planned and hoped I will be in the depths of a spanish speaking country, getting credits for that spanish minor. It is also a goal to become fluent in spanish so I can be bilingual and talk crap about my American friends right in their vicinity. Just kidding. I actually just like studying spanish. But talking about gringos right in front of them wouldn't be bad either.

To become as brown as I can, I downloaded spanish versions of songs and have been listening to them on my many bicycle ventures to and from campus. What's on the iPhone? I have jingle bells, silent night, and more than words by Franki J, in spanish versions. I also download a few songs off of a "latino cardio" iTunes playlist, so I am no doubt getting a well rounded education by learning the bad words slang too. 

Oh, and don't worry, because the spanish channel is on the television as I type. Equala. 

Goal #3
This is more of a Christmas break goal. But I've recently dived into the world of audio books, and have been listening to The Great Gatsby in my roadtrips. So over christmas, I want to finish reading the Dragon Tattoo Girl series, and listen slash read a few I have on my list...
  • Wuthering Heights
  • The Hunger Games
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Pretty sure that the previous 3 bullets will last me for a year.
Also over the break (2 weeks away), I want to watch a lot of old movies. I caught the end of 'Some Like It Hot' the other day, and I was reminded how much I love those old movies. I need to brush up on my movie classics. 

Goal #4
And what is a list of goals without including something to do with fashion/beauty???? My mom is really legit and bought my sister and I a bunch of cheap little Walgreens lipsticks over Thanksgiving break. So it is my goal to wear more lipstick on my social outings. Besides I love a good lip color! It's festive! Tis the season!

As for a fashion goal, I can't readily think of one as easy as you would expect. It has been my goal for a while to be able to pull off the socks + heels trend, but being that I live in Lubbock, I'm just a little hesitant I guess you could say? I mean, I'm all about Man-Repelling (that is a fashion blog click here), after all I wore shoulder pads last Sunday while studying, I'm just not sure if socks + heels would go over well at Fuzzy's.

Well there you have it, amigos. Seafood, Spanish, Books/Movies, Lipstick.

VS recap

I don't know about y'all but I thoroughly enjoyed the fashion show, at least in those few minutes that I wasn't feeling depressed and suicidal. I especially liked the "spell on you" segment. But I thought it was interesting how they did an "aquatic angels" section. Reminded me of the Chanel S'12 runway. What is it with designers and water this season? I don't know, but I like it. How creative were those costumes??? My favorite was the one that had two spinning umbrellas attached. Where did they hide the batteries???? I don't want to know. So dumbfounded. I think it is safe to say that the day after the fashion show is "National Go On A Diet Day" for many of those who watched it. How about that 2.4 million dollar bra? Could you imagine wearing that many diamonds, pearls, and crystals on your mammaries?? I loved when Miranda walked the runway, then they would cut to Orlando just smiling like a school boy.  How about the fact that Adriana Lima has been doing this fashion show for OVER A DECADE. One of these years she is going to pull a Gisele and just be so over the whole VS thing. 

My favorite part of the whole show has to be when they do background stories of the models' lives, and what the personality is of each model. I like how they said there was a "smart one" but never actually say what it is that makes her smart, they just show her wearing glasses. Which probably aren't even prescriptioned. Also gotta love the behind-the-scenes shots. 5 people trying to get a thigh high boot off of a 7ft tall woman.... classic. 

Let's talk about Nikki Minaj. Her live performance was less than impressive. It was like half way lip-singing, half way performing. Then again I bet it is so hard to dance and rap fast, all while wearing disco ball shoulder pads... can't be easy. I just wish she would lose the hot mess outfit and rap with bipolar personalities like a normal person. I mean, at least when Lady Gaga dresses bizarrely, there is always an underlying meaning behind it all, and a disturbingly artful cohesion to the whole look... With Nikki Minaj, it just looks like a bad Halloween costume. Nothing makes sense about it. There is no underlying meaning other than "A blind 2nd grader is my stylist."  And how awkward was that small moment when Nikki grabbed a models hand??? How awkward is Nikki standing 3 heads shorter and 5 asses wider than the model???

I'm indifferent to Maroon 5, but I LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVED the Kanye/Jay-Z performance. Definitely danced in my seat like an idiot throughout their collaboration.


New website, cheap shades, & bunnies


Leopard print belt dress, $63

I checked my e-mail tonight, and Lookbook.nu has been filling up my inbox lately. I found it, became obsessed with it, was over it, then got annoyed by it because it is so hard to get "hyped." Any who, it is a really cool website to see other people's creative style throughout the world. Like, don't get me wrong--it's an awesome website! I just wasn't voted on the most popular page in the first five minutes so I got bored.

I stumbled upon a new favorite website after clicking around on some of my favorite looks, and found inlovewithfashion.com. I put my 4 favorite pieces ^^ up yonder. I'm thinking that silver asymmetrical dress needs to be about and around my body on New Years. And if I see it on any of you bi+chez, I'm going to be frazzled. The only thing worse than stealing a girls baby name is stealing her pre-mediated New Years outfit. Remember that.

Also picturing that tan/black block dress with some black tights and black heels and a statement necklace with a blazer or leather jacket, yeah???? Agh. I see myself frolicing about the greater part of East New Mexico and West Texas in that dress.

The excitement doesn't end there. I found another obsession via lookbook.nu tonight.

Fine Print: THESE ARE NOT HOUSE OF HARLOW. you thought

Everyone meet the next best thing since House of Harlows. Except these suckers aren't 150 doll hairs. In fact, they are a mere $30-- A MERE THIRTY, MY FRIENDS. I just desperately need them to be in about and around my stocking this year. I mean I have pinned them, tweeted, and liked on FB, oh and now blogged about them. I'm not mysterious when it comes to christmas.

Speaking of fun furry creatures, I've recently been introduced to a pet bunny. Naturally, I've become consumed with a fierce desire to own a pet bunny. I just want to eat carrots with it in the park, thump around Lubbock with it, and dress it in little bunny sweaters. And instagram the sh-t out of it.


VS Fashion show tomorrow.....
You can follow me on the Twit to stay updated on tomorrow nights best self-loathing comments slash jokes.


Stuck to E!

I cannot be productive when I am in my apartment. I have to physically remove myself to even remotely function. Makes me wonder what 20 year old girls did before iPhones, Macbooks, and E! existed. Really though??? I would be a modern day Bronte girl if I didn't have any of these screens screaming at me to waste time watching them.

I spent my day downstairs in the study lounge. Because the downstair study lounge is not in my room, and therefore I can do something. anything. I did homework, researched about studying abroad, pinterest, homework, la la la, etc.

Then going back up to my apartment to fetch myself something to nom on, I casually turn on the TV, which happens to be on E! which happens to be playing the first Sex and The City movie, which happens to be on my Top 5 list of favorite movies. SO. There's that. The part when Carrie hits big with her wedding bouquet?????? KILLS ME!!!!!

And then another saga comes on right after SATC. The Kardashian saga, better known as #KKTNY. Can you believe Baby Mason was trending on Twitter? I can. He presh.

Baby Burberry scarf!.....?!!! <3

 A couple things I took note of in this premier...

  • Kourtney's health obsession is out of hand. Oil enemas???? Naked yoga?!?!?!?!? KALE CHIPS?????????? The ef??????
  • I started to feel sorry for Scot for the first time. Kourtney likes the baby more than him, she really does. That sympathy faded when he got drunk and made an ass of himself again.
  • Kris Humphries is like an abnormal mutant human giant half blood. I'm so confused why he is so large. Ironically he acts like a little kid. So immature. YES KRIS, A NAKED MUSCULAR BLACK MAN IS DOING YOGA IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, GET OVER IT. 
  • And I cannot wait for the rest of the season.

And then immediately after the preview for the rest of the season, After Lately starts. I mean like literally, Kim is crying in one scene then BAM cuts to Chuy and Chelsea. Naturally I had to watch the episode of After Lately in its entirety. It's already hilarious. Just so it's know, I've seen Heather do stand up comedy live. THANKS FOR COMIN TO TECH, HEATH!!!

"What's that bruise? Does your husband hit you???".. no... "Well he should."

So that has been my night. Literally glued to the couch, hot chocolate in hand, watching E! The Media Planning class I'm taking right now would tell me that I am the exact demographic that would get addicted to this channel. It's also telling me that I need to start the final project and stop watching Chelsea Lately.

Some other things on da mind....

Did anyone watch the Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special????????????? I KID YOU NOT, IT WAS AMAZING. Like I have to download her album now. I always like her songs after I see her sing them live. To quote my dad, "This show actually made her seem human." Well said, father.

I'm becoming critically obsessed with a few commercials (need to back away from the television????????). The first being all Mike Mayhem commercials. The second being the P-Diddy ciroc bull commercials. HE IS SO HILARIOUS. Youtube if you haven't. If you don't have a life. Like myself. Evidently.

 You know, I'm sure this is ooooold ass news, but I read my parents' People magazines every time I go home, and I recently read that Jessie James cheated on Kat Von D. All I have to say is,

Kate the Great is with child??? Well if the all knowing, ever-credible, Star magazine says it, then IT MUST BE TRUE, RIGHT???? Well. I stumbled across this article.  Mind you, this article is flanked by other recent articles titled, "Alien Attack Update" and "Selena is having Beiber's baby" and "Twilight causes brain seizures." When I read that last title, I knew the whole website was bogus. TWILIGHT ONLY CAUSES EUPHORIA D@MN IT. Anyways. I personally don't think Kate is pregnant. Though she does look a little morning-sick-miserable in this recent pic of her. SOMEONE GET THE QUEEN SOME ROYAL EYE CREAM.

American Horror Story. It is so disturbing. I have certainly witnessed many things on this show that I did NOT want to witness. But I can't stop watching now, and I have to know what is going to happen. You have to watch it if you don't and have a strong stomach. I, however, do regret watching 3 episodes before bed last night. #couldntfallaslep #nightmares #imseven

Um, okay, well currently, Chelsea Handler is interviewing Miss Piggy from The Muppets. Don't you know that whole cast is rioting I WANT MY MONEY BACK on the commercial breaks. Oh, she was also interviewed and had a photo shoot spread in InStyle this year, if you didn't already know. I mean................... I don't even have a comment.

Well, that's all folks.

Who needs romeo


They come in black too, but crimson/wine/cranberry will always be my 1st pick. These suckers are "Juliet" by Dolce Vita. Speaking of Shakespeare, it just so happens that Romeo & Juliet is one of my favorite readings. I have a lil copy of it on my bookshelf in fact. I didn't like it when it was assigned in school, no no no, that would have made too much sense. No, I fell in love with the story when I picked up my bookshelf copy randomly in the house once and read before bed that night. Just some trivia that I'm sure you have been wondering about for a really long time.

Ok, I'm off for some more mindless pinning and shoe searching on my favorite website that houses the downright  ugliest, most interesting, and most stunningly fabulous shoes all under one roof. Solestruck.  I could probably kill for a pair of Elegant Studs in black or nude. eeee-quay-laaaa.


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