Stuck to E!

I cannot be productive when I am in my apartment. I have to physically remove myself to even remotely function. Makes me wonder what 20 year old girls did before iPhones, Macbooks, and E! existed. Really though??? I would be a modern day Bronte girl if I didn't have any of these screens screaming at me to waste time watching them.

I spent my day downstairs in the study lounge. Because the downstair study lounge is not in my room, and therefore I can do something. anything. I did homework, researched about studying abroad, pinterest, homework, la la la, etc.

Then going back up to my apartment to fetch myself something to nom on, I casually turn on the TV, which happens to be on E! which happens to be playing the first Sex and The City movie, which happens to be on my Top 5 list of favorite movies. SO. There's that. The part when Carrie hits big with her wedding bouquet?????? KILLS ME!!!!!

And then another saga comes on right after SATC. The Kardashian saga, better known as #KKTNY. Can you believe Baby Mason was trending on Twitter? I can. He presh.

Baby Burberry scarf!.....?!!! <3

 A couple things I took note of in this premier...

  • Kourtney's health obsession is out of hand. Oil enemas???? Naked yoga?!?!?!?!? KALE CHIPS?????????? The ef??????
  • I started to feel sorry for Scot for the first time. Kourtney likes the baby more than him, she really does. That sympathy faded when he got drunk and made an ass of himself again.
  • Kris Humphries is like an abnormal mutant human giant half blood. I'm so confused why he is so large. Ironically he acts like a little kid. So immature. YES KRIS, A NAKED MUSCULAR BLACK MAN IS DOING YOGA IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, GET OVER IT. 
  • And I cannot wait for the rest of the season.

And then immediately after the preview for the rest of the season, After Lately starts. I mean like literally, Kim is crying in one scene then BAM cuts to Chuy and Chelsea. Naturally I had to watch the episode of After Lately in its entirety. It's already hilarious. Just so it's know, I've seen Heather do stand up comedy live. THANKS FOR COMIN TO TECH, HEATH!!!

"What's that bruise? Does your husband hit you???".. no... "Well he should."

So that has been my night. Literally glued to the couch, hot chocolate in hand, watching E! The Media Planning class I'm taking right now would tell me that I am the exact demographic that would get addicted to this channel. It's also telling me that I need to start the final project and stop watching Chelsea Lately.

Some other things on da mind....

Did anyone watch the Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special????????????? I KID YOU NOT, IT WAS AMAZING. Like I have to download her album now. I always like her songs after I see her sing them live. To quote my dad, "This show actually made her seem human." Well said, father.

I'm becoming critically obsessed with a few commercials (need to back away from the television????????). The first being all Mike Mayhem commercials. The second being the P-Diddy ciroc bull commercials. HE IS SO HILARIOUS. Youtube if you haven't. If you don't have a life. Like myself. Evidently.

 You know, I'm sure this is ooooold ass news, but I read my parents' People magazines every time I go home, and I recently read that Jessie James cheated on Kat Von D. All I have to say is,

Kate the Great is with child??? Well if the all knowing, ever-credible, Star magazine says it, then IT MUST BE TRUE, RIGHT???? Well. I stumbled across this article.  Mind you, this article is flanked by other recent articles titled, "Alien Attack Update" and "Selena is having Beiber's baby" and "Twilight causes brain seizures." When I read that last title, I knew the whole website was bogus. TWILIGHT ONLY CAUSES EUPHORIA D@MN IT. Anyways. I personally don't think Kate is pregnant. Though she does look a little morning-sick-miserable in this recent pic of her. SOMEONE GET THE QUEEN SOME ROYAL EYE CREAM.

American Horror Story. It is so disturbing. I have certainly witnessed many things on this show that I did NOT want to witness. But I can't stop watching now, and I have to know what is going to happen. You have to watch it if you don't and have a strong stomach. I, however, do regret watching 3 episodes before bed last night. #couldntfallaslep #nightmares #imseven

Um, okay, well currently, Chelsea Handler is interviewing Miss Piggy from The Muppets. Don't you know that whole cast is rioting I WANT MY MONEY BACK on the commercial breaks. Oh, she was also interviewed and had a photo shoot spread in InStyle this year, if you didn't already know. I mean................... I don't even have a comment.

Well, that's all folks.


  1. i love E!
    i cant stop watching it!


  2. HAHAHHA I can't believe you just saw EVERYTHING after just finding something to nom on! But yes, if I had a TV in my place, I'd do the same. I totally agree with the whole Kris thing, I can't believe Kim fell for someone like him. Mason is looking like his dad with that scarf!♥

    lots a love,



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