Things to look forward to

Things to look forward to

There are many good things to celebrate this November. None of those things include No-shave-November which entails numerous guys around the nation giving up their razor for an entire month. Consequently, they also give up any type of action with the other sex. Sorry, fellas. You look like college Santas. Beer bellys don't help the situation.

Anyways, there are other reasons to celebrate this month. First of all, Thanksgiving is next week. I often feel bad for Thanksgiving, because no one really gives a crap about it. People decorate for halloween, do back flips for christmas, but somewhere in between, forget to thank their pilgrim/indian ancestors. I even have a few friends that aren't going home for Thanksgiving break! Preposterous. I for one am excited about the holiday that makes it publicly acceptable to consume questionable slash copious amounts of food. Nom nom nom, right on, turkey day.

Also, for all you fellow die hard twi-hards out there, Breaking Dawn comes out in LESS THAN TWO DAYS. November 18th.  *i wish i had midnight tickets*..... I have been dissecting this soundtrack for a week now, and it is good. I always recommend the twilight soundtracks even if you don't like the movies. I am most excited about vampire sex scenes the wedding. I can't wait to see Jacob's shirtless body Bella's wedding dress.

The next day, November 19th, fashionable women and gays will flock to those specially selected H&M stores that will carry Versace for H&M. Now when are they going to make their shopping available online so we small town folk can join in on the merriment???????? Where is hm.com/shoppingcart????????

And last but, SHO NUF, not least...... I found out today that MY SISTER IS HAVING A BOY!!!!! I can't wait for mini baby man blazers, tiny converse, widdle toms, micro scarfs, and else bite sized baby paraphernalia. I'm going to be an Aunt!! Seriously can't wait. Let the war over baby names commence.

Now back to studying media planning.... not the easiest thing for a  *strictly creative* brain to comprehend.


  1. I want to Versace this morning!! black high heels :-D

    And..I can't wait to watch Twilight too :-D

    Please, visit me again, new post :-D


  2. Great blog dear :)

    Hope you like and also follow mine! I'm waiting for your comments!




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