Allow me to inspire your a$$ off with a few goals I am setting for myself.

Goal #1
I'm making a food goal to start eating more seafood. Well, shrimp and salmon. I'm trying to make my hair grow, thus consuming inhumane portions of protein and popping Biotin pills like it's candy.

Check that proteinage. I feel like I'm turning into Mike, The Situation. But if you think about it, The Sitch does have some great hair....

In other food news, my mom recently got me hooked on making homemade hummus. I kind of wish I had a food processor to do this, but a blender semi suffices. It's really easy. Just throw those garbanzo beans/chick peas in the blender with some olive oil, and ass-tons of seasonings like sea salt, garlic-herb, etc. I'm going to try this conconction mixed with honey mustard or some type of specialty ranch and see how I feel. I'm getting hummus happy. My mom likes to put copious amounts of fresh cilantro in her hummus, turning it completely green. I tried it, and actually liked it. It reminds me of guacamole, and would actually be a good substitution for that.

Check that fiber content. Your system will clear out last week's Thanksgiving meal in no time. Another little trick up my healthy sleeve is to replace chips/crackers with bell pepper slices for dipping purposes. Save calories, save lives

Objectivo numero dos
Well it has become my part time job researching studying abroad programs. I am determined to be out of this country come May/June. So, mi amigos, if all goes as planned and hoped I will be in the depths of a spanish speaking country, getting credits for that spanish minor. It is also a goal to become fluent in spanish so I can be bilingual and talk crap about my American friends right in their vicinity. Just kidding. I actually just like studying spanish. But talking about gringos right in front of them wouldn't be bad either.

To become as brown as I can, I downloaded spanish versions of songs and have been listening to them on my many bicycle ventures to and from campus. What's on the iPhone? I have jingle bells, silent night, and more than words by Franki J, in spanish versions. I also download a few songs off of a "latino cardio" iTunes playlist, so I am no doubt getting a well rounded education by learning the bad words slang too. 

Oh, and don't worry, because the spanish channel is on the television as I type. Equala. 

Goal #3
This is more of a Christmas break goal. But I've recently dived into the world of audio books, and have been listening to The Great Gatsby in my roadtrips. So over christmas, I want to finish reading the Dragon Tattoo Girl series, and listen slash read a few I have on my list...
  • Wuthering Heights
  • The Hunger Games
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Pretty sure that the previous 3 bullets will last me for a year.
Also over the break (2 weeks away), I want to watch a lot of old movies. I caught the end of 'Some Like It Hot' the other day, and I was reminded how much I love those old movies. I need to brush up on my movie classics. 

Goal #4
And what is a list of goals without including something to do with fashion/beauty???? My mom is really legit and bought my sister and I a bunch of cheap little Walgreens lipsticks over Thanksgiving break. So it is my goal to wear more lipstick on my social outings. Besides I love a good lip color! It's festive! Tis the season!

As for a fashion goal, I can't readily think of one as easy as you would expect. It has been my goal for a while to be able to pull off the socks + heels trend, but being that I live in Lubbock, I'm just a little hesitant I guess you could say? I mean, I'm all about Man-Repelling (that is a fashion blog click here), after all I wore shoulder pads last Sunday while studying, I'm just not sure if socks + heels would go over well at Fuzzy's.

Well there you have it, amigos. Seafood, Spanish, Books/Movies, Lipstick.

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