VS recap

I don't know about y'all but I thoroughly enjoyed the fashion show, at least in those few minutes that I wasn't feeling depressed and suicidal. I especially liked the "spell on you" segment. But I thought it was interesting how they did an "aquatic angels" section. Reminded me of the Chanel S'12 runway. What is it with designers and water this season? I don't know, but I like it. How creative were those costumes??? My favorite was the one that had two spinning umbrellas attached. Where did they hide the batteries???? I don't want to know. So dumbfounded. I think it is safe to say that the day after the fashion show is "National Go On A Diet Day" for many of those who watched it. How about that 2.4 million dollar bra? Could you imagine wearing that many diamonds, pearls, and crystals on your mammaries?? I loved when Miranda walked the runway, then they would cut to Orlando just smiling like a school boy.  How about the fact that Adriana Lima has been doing this fashion show for OVER A DECADE. One of these years she is going to pull a Gisele and just be so over the whole VS thing. 

My favorite part of the whole show has to be when they do background stories of the models' lives, and what the personality is of each model. I like how they said there was a "smart one" but never actually say what it is that makes her smart, they just show her wearing glasses. Which probably aren't even prescriptioned. Also gotta love the behind-the-scenes shots. 5 people trying to get a thigh high boot off of a 7ft tall woman.... classic. 

Let's talk about Nikki Minaj. Her live performance was less than impressive. It was like half way lip-singing, half way performing. Then again I bet it is so hard to dance and rap fast, all while wearing disco ball shoulder pads... can't be easy. I just wish she would lose the hot mess outfit and rap with bipolar personalities like a normal person. I mean, at least when Lady Gaga dresses bizarrely, there is always an underlying meaning behind it all, and a disturbingly artful cohesion to the whole look... With Nikki Minaj, it just looks like a bad Halloween costume. Nothing makes sense about it. There is no underlying meaning other than "A blind 2nd grader is my stylist."  And how awkward was that small moment when Nikki grabbed a models hand??? How awkward is Nikki standing 3 heads shorter and 5 asses wider than the model???

I'm indifferent to Maroon 5, but I LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVED the Kanye/Jay-Z performance. Definitely danced in my seat like an idiot throughout their collaboration.


  1. Alexis and I felt the same way about the BTS segments and laughed when the only thing they could think to say about one of the models was that she "really likes music." What a bimbo.

  2. Yeah seriously, like do the other girls not listen to music??? They just said they because "she's married to a musician so she must like music" Haha like really???



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