Website Find: Frock Stock

Every now and then I get a text from either a close friend or acquaintance asking me what some good affordable websites are to shop from. Well thanks to Twitter, I can add another one to that list. Frock Stock is in the early stage, just barely created in September of this year. It was created by "one young girl with a big imagination." HOW INSPIRING IS THAT??? It's dedicated to having an affordable, vintage/indie-inspired collection. While the clothes are so cute, I personally fell in love with the jewelry.

How cute are those??? And they are all so affordable. CLICK ON THE PICTURES. The website is so cool that it gives a blogger discount of 25% off of the whole order if you mention them your blog!!!! But it only applies if you have 100+ followers. Which cancels my lil ol' blog out.... but I had to anyway because this jewelry is so cool. Great for gifts!!!!!
k bye.

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