New website, cheap shades, & bunnies


Leopard print belt dress, $63

I checked my e-mail tonight, and Lookbook.nu has been filling up my inbox lately. I found it, became obsessed with it, was over it, then got annoyed by it because it is so hard to get "hyped." Any who, it is a really cool website to see other people's creative style throughout the world. Like, don't get me wrong--it's an awesome website! I just wasn't voted on the most popular page in the first five minutes so I got bored.

I stumbled upon a new favorite website after clicking around on some of my favorite looks, and found inlovewithfashion.com. I put my 4 favorite pieces ^^ up yonder. I'm thinking that silver asymmetrical dress needs to be about and around my body on New Years. And if I see it on any of you bi+chez, I'm going to be frazzled. The only thing worse than stealing a girls baby name is stealing her pre-mediated New Years outfit. Remember that.

Also picturing that tan/black block dress with some black tights and black heels and a statement necklace with a blazer or leather jacket, yeah???? Agh. I see myself frolicing about the greater part of East New Mexico and West Texas in that dress.

The excitement doesn't end there. I found another obsession via lookbook.nu tonight.

Fine Print: THESE ARE NOT HOUSE OF HARLOW. you thought

Everyone meet the next best thing since House of Harlows. Except these suckers aren't 150 doll hairs. In fact, they are a mere $30-- A MERE THIRTY, MY FRIENDS. I just desperately need them to be in about and around my stocking this year. I mean I have pinned them, tweeted, and liked on FB, oh and now blogged about them. I'm not mysterious when it comes to christmas.

Speaking of fun furry creatures, I've recently been introduced to a pet bunny. Naturally, I've become consumed with a fierce desire to own a pet bunny. I just want to eat carrots with it in the park, thump around Lubbock with it, and dress it in little bunny sweaters. And instagram the sh-t out of it.


VS Fashion show tomorrow.....
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  1. Love the long sleeved dress - they've been an obsession for awhile.

  2. I know how you feel about Lookbook. I have been there since 2009 and stopped for a long while after not getting hypes, even deleted my looks. But this time I felt like trying again. I'm still not looking so cool for them apparently hah!♥ Hope you visit our blog!

    lots a love,



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