Business Casual Friday

Today I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to tour advertising agencies in Lubbock, with the Tech Ad Federation group I'm in. I saw the ins and outs of Price Agency Group, R.D. Thomas, and even got to watch the 4 o'clock news broadcast at KCBD. They even let us hop in front of that green screen and pretend to newscast the weather!! (are we college students or 7th graders??) Anyways, it was a fabulous day.

We were told to dress "business casual" for this day. I realized that I really don't own anything appropriate for professional settings... I worked at a trendy retail boutique for a year, and black dress pants simply just were not in my vocabulary. I defaulted to my next best thing: lace shorts, gray tights, and a casual button up top. I also la la la love to layer, so I wore a draped blazer over a draped vest. The reason this outfit worked is because it was all muted tones. Not counting the gold chain statement necklace of course. This is just about as business casual as it gets for me.

My favorite aspect of this outfit has to be those sassy leopard loafers, by bamboo. They were literally $18, but technically they were free because I bought them with Wells Fargo reward points.... BOOYAHHHHHH. If you don't own a pair of loafs, it's time to.


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