"COASTIN' on a dream".... see what I did there.


I've developed an unhealthy fixation on coasters lately. The joke of a coaster set in my apartment currently, is a left over item from my sister's college days, and I think their duties as drink holders are coming to a swift end. They are glass and each have a fashionista cartoon sketch on them, similar to the cover of the Skinny Bitch book.

However, these cartoon-girl coasters have unidentified stains on them that Zeus himself could not find the tides to remove them with. These dirty coasters sit on the desk next to my bed and mock me during the day, and haunt me during the night, laughing at me menacingly.

"Tee Hee Hee, you need new coasters, we are going to ruin the entire atmostphere of your room and apartment because we are ugly Tee Hee Hee," is something to the effect of what they're saying every day. ANYWAYS....... I think it would be fun to collect coasters from different parts of the world so I guess on my next jaunt to Dubai and India I'll pick up a set or two. . . zZzZz. . . . Until then, I'm not opposed to Anthropology coasterzzz

A friend recently introduced me to the vast and wonderful world of markandgraham.com
OoOo MoNoGrAmMeD tHiNgZzZz!~!~!~!~

Other possible blog post titles:

  • Hostess with the mostess AND COASTERS WITH THE MOSTERS
  • "Ask not what your drink can do for you, but what you can do for your drink." -JFK
  • "We can't hold your hair back, but we can hold your drink in the meantime." -Coasters
  • aaannndddd that's all i got. 
  • BY THE WAY.. BTW... the current title is a song. A catchy one, btw. 


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