Nice to meet you, I'm Retarded.

This is a fashion blog. Obvs. But every now and then something happens in my life that really can't go without further public humiliation via blogging about it. Last night...... something happened, and I really shouldn't blog about it for fear of being judged to no end, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Here we go.

So last night I was coloring my hair mind you, (yes another hair color disaster story) and everything was going well. I bought a box of Natural Instinct in the "darkest brown" color, and read the instructions to my liking and so on. I carefully apply the color to my head. I even put vaseline on my forehead and ears, so as not to stain my skin, obvs. SO AS NOT TO STAIN MY EYEBROWS, OBVS. Haha jk, that's another story.

After meticulously applying the color (I even got fancy slash crafty and left my ends dry, so I could have that coveted "ombre" hairstyle), I waited 20 minutes and ate my mom's really bland homemade soup. Then I went to the shower to rinse the dye. I realized that the dark color didn't wash down the drain, and in addition, my hair was feeling suspiciously soft and tangle-free. And that's when I realized.
I "colored" my hair with the leave-in conditioner. Pause for affect.

So, Hi, I'm clinically mentally handicapped. Then after I rinsed the conditioner, I blow dried my hair because I was determined to still color it that night, but my hair was so EFFING moisturized that the conditioner could barely wash/dry out. I dried it as much as I could, but the roots and kind of the ends were still dampish so I just threw in the towel and started coloring it, with the actual color this time.

Then I realize I should have purchased two boxes of hair color because the little color tube could only fully cover a head of fetus hair, and I maybe covered half of my hair with the limited amount of dye I had.  And I couldn't tell which parts I put dye on, and which parts were just damp from the conditioner. UGH. So I waited 20 minutes. Then washed it out. For what it's worth. Then let it dry naturally. For what it's worth.

And it looks basically the same. I mean, IIII can tell the difference, and IIII think it's darker, but I look at my hair everyday, so I'm the only one to notice the slight difference. ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrREAT!!!!!


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