I never cease to be amazed at what Kourtney Kardashian is wearing. Especially in all her reality TV drama, she is always dressed great. No matter what she is doing that day. She puts the cutest outfits together. Tonight she donned a simple plaid shirt, but with shoulder cut outs.

Shoulder cut outs + Skinnies + Flats + Lipstick
Then she randomly had on a bib necklace with a patterned shift dress. Does she have a stylist?!? Don't think so, but sure looks like it.

Kim, on the other hand, sported her hubby's panties. I just really don't know how I feel about that. "I couldn't find anything else to wear teee heee" . . . um, *cue vomit*. With that said, not that you care, I was proud of her for sticking it to Kris. I hope she finds love one day! *cue vomit again* I feel like this is turning into a perez hilton blog, as opposed to a fashion-of-sorts blog. whatever.

Although I'm a little confused by Kourtney's personal life decisions, I just admire her ability to pull off fashion risks, and things that normal civilians would look ridiculous in. Let us recap my favorite looks of hers.

Extreme cat eye
Bib + Round shades + puff sleeves
Gold button shoes + Ballerina bun
Asian collar mini dress
Polka dots + High waist shorts + statement choker
I need a pink silk top now?

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