Another semester has come to an end. *Incoming cheesy cliches* I'm actually really kind of bummed it's over. It was by far the best semester of college thus far. It went by waaayyyy too fast. Soon I'll be a senior and be forced into the Real World, unfortunately not the MTV version.

The further into the semester, the wilder and crazier it got. Ironically, the weekend that marked the beginning of finals was probably the most insane weekend of all. I'm not going to go into detail on that. I need to remind myself that blogs are public. Need not future employers knowing my college hoodrat whereabouts and whatnots. Thankfully, the Main St. gang is meeting up for one last Wednesday night before we all head back to our homelands.

Hopefully we can maintain good clean fun sans jail-time tomorrow night.

Just a little finals update for you, I just finished 1 of 2 finals I have, and am officially done with 2 portfolios. All I have left is a big project and 1 final. Currently in the library waiting for project partner and allowing my brain to crash/recharge/reboot before commencing another looooooong day and night of studying. What better way to do that than with mindless blogging, blog reading, tweeting, pinning, and fbing.... I, my friend, cannot think of a better way.

Oh... btw.... I am getting really into my Girl With the Dragon Tattoo book... may or mayn't have stayed up until 4AM last night reading it. Couldn't. Stop. Reading. It really will be a miracle if I wake up for my 7:30AM final tomorrow with all this frivolous late night reading I've been up to. Not that you care, but since I'm on the topic, I always get into a book right in time for finals. Last fall, it was Redeeming Love, and the year before it was the Twilight Saga.

It's a must read. Must.

Back to being sentimental. I am even going to miss my professors from this semester (I'm weird????????? I get too attached????????????)

The Main St. Gang.

They'll be so mad I blogged this picture.

But I do have things to look forward to despite being sad that this semester is over. One of my best friends, who lives in Boston, MA, is coming back home and I'm excited to spend the holidays with him and my good ol' high school friends. I know that Ruidoso snowboarding trips, nights driving aimlessly around Carlsbad, and quality family bonding time is on the horizon. 

Soon my sister will be popping out a lil fetus, so that is also exciting. 
Thanks for reading, my next post is going to be about my new fashion goal!!!!
 (i know the anxious waiting is going to keep you up at night, apologies in advance......)

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