Feel free to listen to Lady Gaga's, "Hair" whilst reading this.

Just kidding on that last picture. Kind of.
Anyways, If you don't already know, I used to have long hair.
Then one year ago, alone in my apartment, stressed from finals, I decided to cut myself.
Er, my hair rather.
I decided to cut my hair.
I took a sharp object to my hair and, just like the Parent Trap version of Lindsay Lohan would say, "I took a whack at it" or I gave a whack at giving myself an A-line cut.

LiLo in Parent Trap
A line cut.

So. That was that. I mean, that wasn't as bad as the next horrific hair cut I had, and if you haven't read that blog post then CLICK HERE BEFORE MOVING ANOTHER MUSCLE. 

Many times since I cut my hair, I have regretted it. My mom has always ALWAYS told me to not cut my long hair. Why do we have to figure out our moms are always right the hard way????? Why. My short hair isn't all that bad, I felt sassy in it up until the "Eyebrow Drama" post. And it has in fact grown back out a little since then, and the sass is coming back.

I was day dreaming whilst taking notes for political science (yes, it's a freshman class, yes, i'm a junior, no, i don't want to talk about it) and naturally my thoughts drifted to my hair.

Every day I regret cutting it and I miss it.
And then I think about how some people can't grow hair, and how some people don't even have food, are starving and dying, and have much bigger problems than their hair.
And then I still regret cutting it and miss it.

Happy Finals.

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