Lookin' for Leopard

I've been super bad about this whole blogging thing lately. I mean I feel like it's too early for midterms but I am getting SLAMMED with essays and exams. What is that????? But I plan on whipping out a blog about extensions in the near future. But as for now, I have to blog about my new fav must have shoes. I'm on the hunt for the perfect leopard heel. The ones I have now are screaming to be thrown away. I've found a few online that I'm admiring, most for a price I can stomach.

And lets introduce the candidates....




Any opinions from the peanut gallery???


Study break: RUCHE

I fell upon one of my new favorite shopping websites on a 1 AM study break. Bloggers, I introduce to you, Ruche.
Here are some of my favorite pieces....
(click the pic)

The best part is all of it was so affordable! Ranging from about $18-50. And none of it looks cheap! Amazing. Obsessed. Lalalalalalalove. I'm hard to sell to when it comes to "vintage pieces" but I'm actually really digging this site. They also have a rad blog, and story about how the website started. Oh and did I mention they have sweet look books and desktop backgrounds??? Gotta <3 it.

The site also has some pretty fabulous purses and jewelry!

Well. back to studying...


Wedding dress of the week

We all know I'm that girl that researches all things weddings for no reason. So this is my latest favorite....

I'm not sure if it's the way she's sitting, or the fact that there are 182 roses sprawled perfectly along an antique bench (even purple roses, or 'sterling roses', one of my fav flowers), or the fact that there are flowers growing in her hair, BUT I LOVE IT ALL.

One of my favorite wedding dress styles are the sweetheart halter necklines. So classic. I also love that there is only lace details along the sides of her body, and just seamless silk in the middle. Slimming!!!

Roadtrip: Las Cruces NM!

I know you're wondering, Why is there an exclamation point after 'NM' in the title? What's so great about Las Cruces?

Well, I mean nothing. There's nothing SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICEXPEALIDOCIOUS about Las Cruces. It is beautiful seeing all the mountains and turquoise-inspired painted buildings, but it's not like it's one of my favorite cities ever. Yet it's really not so much about what is in a city rather than who is in a city. A good portion of my high school friends went to NMSU and it was SO FUN getting to see and tailgate with all of them (they played UTEP, which is like their version of A&M)

But the main reason I went to Las Cruces was because my boyfriend had a rugby game there (yes my boyfriend is literally on a rugby team, yes rugby exists in other countries than Ireland).

Here is a picture (via crappy camera) story of my weekend...

Friday before we leave with our matching couple sunglasses

A cute lil corner in my friend, Jordie's, room

Me being easily fascinated by earth landforms (i live in lubbock)

Isn't he coot???

Rugby makes no sense. GO NOMADS!

Jordie has always had the gift of nail painting.

Props being on top of that leopard trend.

Rugby cleats. Yes, I took a picture of rugby cleats.

Jordie and I outside of The Shed.

My amazing "Breakfast Split"


GO CAVEMEN!!- I mean nmsu aggies.

Being easily fascinated again. This time by the colorful mall.

Jake and I after the game. He was so dead and tired. I stuck it out and wore my thigh-high dolce vita boots even though it was so hot. Also a top I got from a vintage store in boston.
Oh, and let us not forget the bite-sized GGL I take with me every where.


Solestruck reads my mind.

Not only does this bamf website tweet constantly about amazeballz shoes I can't live without, but today they posted this to their blog....

Absolutely so relevant to my last post. lovelovelovelove.
And to quote Solestruck...

they don't make em like they used to...


My Closet Obsession

Just like the rest of America, and all of mankind, I grew up with a fascination for Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. I'm only human. But as I got older, that old Hollywood glamour really piqued my attention. In high school, I would buy books about the original Hollywood actresses, and just devour them. Even now, whenever I go visit home, I take time to flip through these books, that I've seen dozens of times. There is something about how these women always looked so graceful, poised, classy, and elegant. Whether it was an action shot, pose for a photo shoot, or clip from a movie, the actresses never seemed to be caught off guard, and they always looked their best. And they weren't just pretty faces. These women had quotes and quips that would cut you deep, cut a man down to size. They were powerful! These women wrote the rules for what women should be like. I mean, in my opinion. If I had the time, I would spend all my time reading their biographies, and watching their movies. I am that obsessed. Here are some of my very favorites...

"A lucky thing Eva Peron was. She died at 32. I'm already 45."

Ahh, Vivien Leigh. She was the star in one of the most iconic American movies of all time: Gone With The Wind. One of my favorite movies. My sister read the book, it's ass-long, I'll probably never get around to that. But she said it was amazing. Vivien Leigh suffered manic depression and mental problems towards the end of her career, but she still never missed a beat or messed up a line in front of the camera. She even did shock therapy between scenes. Still never messed up. Ah-maze-ing.

"I absolutely loathe luxury. It is the one thing I cannot stand"

Brigitte Bardot. The 60s bombshell. You can't think of the 60's without thinking of BB. She's been married 4 times, and is actually still alive and kicking with her 4th hubby, Benard d'Orrnale. Model turned actress, the rest is history.

"The more I see of men, the more I like dogs."

Clara Bow. The face of the roaring hoop-lah twenties. What I would give to live in that era!!!! She was the ORIGINAL "It girl." But her bow shaped lips and sad eyes hid secrets. When her husband was running for U.S. House of Representatives, she tried to commit suicide, leaving a note saying that she preffered death to a public life. :( She was later diagnosed with schizophrenia, chronic insomnia, and had to undergo shock therapy. She died of old age, of a heart attack.

"Darling, the legs aren't so beautiful, I just know what to do with them."

How perfect is that quote?!? It's like 'Hey, I'm not a size 2, but I know how to werq it' or something like that. Marlene Dietrich made the menswear fashion, and tuxedo appeal, sexy for women. She inspired designers for decades to come. Another interesting about her? She was married to the same man for over 50 years. But there's a catch.... She had countless affairs. Most known to her husband, who also had a mistress. WHAT THE EF??????? Among these lovers were John Wayne, John F. Kennedy, and Jimmy Stewart. Still in shock.

To finish off this post, I'll put up some of my favorite vintage pieces, perfect for this topic, and my secret obsession.

Garments, inspired by Old Hollywood women.

$74.99 off of modcloth

$89.99 off modcloth

Noir lace kitten heel, $78 off of nastygal

This victorian inspired nightgown just SCREAMS Hollywood glam. I yuv it. $146 off of dollhousebettie.com

This little headpiece is so perfectly retro yet still somehow looks like the modern turban trend. $14.99 off of modcloth.com

I'll post more of my favorite old hollywood actresses on another post! :)


Ready to embrace the snake

I've never been big on snakeskin, but seeing it all over websites and magazines lately is making me rethink this. I'm exceptionally partial to the snakeskin wedges at the bottom...

I hope everyone's Monday was better than mine! (someone rear-ended me...)


Beauty Sacrifices.

Lately, (the past 20 years) I've been experiencing this thing called "Weird face days" or weird body days.

You know some days you look in the mirror in the morning and you're just like, oh lawd, but it's just early and you know you'll look moderately normal in the afternoon, but then you don't, you still look troll-ish, and you think to yourself, I didn't even go out last night, and then the sun goes down, and you still have that groggy I-just-got-out-of-bed-and-am-hideous appeal, even in full make up.

Am I the only one that undergoes this trauma? Whatever.

So lately I've been attempting anything to resolve the situation. Thus my latest obsesh is fake eye lashes. They are cheap, extremely hard to put on, and make you feel like Kim Kardashian.

My first attempt was a funny joke, I put them on, but could not get the inner or outer corners to stick to save my life... but don't worry. I went on with life, and on with my night, and if you can't see it in the pictures and are surrounded by drunk people, then no biggie!!!

My next experience was more successful. I only had 1 eye that wouldn't stick on the inner and outer corners. Yet this time I was in broad day light surrounded by civilians so I'm sure it was noticeable to the observant naked eye.

Yesterday is another story. I used fake eye lashes from Forever21 because they're cheaper than Walgreens lashes. But the glue that comes with the lashes is not of this world. It is probably the same glue that the military uses. Needless to say I struggled, and had my right eyelids stuck together at one point. Once I got it right, it was perfect! They stayed put all day, even the ends. And then bed time came. circa 4 am. And it was time to take them off. Ha. Cute. It was not easy. I got them off, it only took 30 minutes, a sore arm, and a few of my own ripped off eye lashes. Then, because I was too tired to wash my face, the morning after, left over, eye lash glue was a really beautiful sight. I'll leave that one for your imagination. But it was the best glue I've used! So the aftermath is just a worthy sacrifice.

The other roadblock on my path to beauty lately is my hair. The last time I got my hair done was a notable event, and if you haven't read about it then do so NOW CLICK HERE. In that appointment, the lady also managed to ruin my hair. The right side is significantly shorter than the left in the front. And it's not cute. It's weird. And I'm just over my short hair in general. Wish I had my long hair hair. This leads me to extensions. I did some online researching, and went to Sally's today and looked at some clip ins. Of course the good ones are over 100. There are other ones that are just as good except you have to "put the clips in yourself" which involves sewing the clips to the hair pieces. LET'S JUST SAY CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION WASN'T MY FORTE'. So after 45 minutes of annoying the crap out of the Sally's workers and pondering my options, I decided against them.

But still want them. $100 worth of human hair? Pfff, sacrifices.

After debating on how long of extensions I could get, I finally decided. There are 14", 18", and even 24". But I finally decided on... 200". I just really want to look like this chick....>>>

I can tell she is a "go big or go home" type.

This blog calls for Lady Gaga. Because she takes more beauty sacrifices than anyone I know. I mean, did you watch the VMAs? She was a man. Sacrifices, people. And go watch the You and I video. $hIt is real.


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