Roadtrip: Las Cruces NM!

I know you're wondering, Why is there an exclamation point after 'NM' in the title? What's so great about Las Cruces?

Well, I mean nothing. There's nothing SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICEXPEALIDOCIOUS about Las Cruces. It is beautiful seeing all the mountains and turquoise-inspired painted buildings, but it's not like it's one of my favorite cities ever. Yet it's really not so much about what is in a city rather than who is in a city. A good portion of my high school friends went to NMSU and it was SO FUN getting to see and tailgate with all of them (they played UTEP, which is like their version of A&M)

But the main reason I went to Las Cruces was because my boyfriend had a rugby game there (yes my boyfriend is literally on a rugby team, yes rugby exists in other countries than Ireland).

Here is a picture (via crappy camera) story of my weekend...

Friday before we leave with our matching couple sunglasses

A cute lil corner in my friend, Jordie's, room

Me being easily fascinated by earth landforms (i live in lubbock)

Isn't he coot???

Rugby makes no sense. GO NOMADS!

Jordie has always had the gift of nail painting.

Props being on top of that leopard trend.

Rugby cleats. Yes, I took a picture of rugby cleats.

Jordie and I outside of The Shed.

My amazing "Breakfast Split"


GO CAVEMEN!!- I mean nmsu aggies.

Being easily fascinated again. This time by the colorful mall.

Jake and I after the game. He was so dead and tired. I stuck it out and wore my thigh-high dolce vita boots even though it was so hot. Also a top I got from a vintage store in boston.
Oh, and let us not forget the bite-sized GGL I take with me every where.

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