In honor of F.N.O....

For those who don't know, it is fashion week and tonight happens to be fashion night out. So I thought I would give a little run down over some of my favorite designer's runway looks for Fall 2011.

Drumroll please for the Elie Saab collection.

It shocked me how beautiful the models were! No offense to all of the runway models who keep up with my blog, but runway models are usually weird looking, right? Like not normal looking, usually! But these girls were just gorgeous. Elie Saab just knows how to pick them. And design em. I am OBSESSED with all his sparkly, jeweled deep-toned dresses. I'm interested to see which celebs steal the runway looks. I also love the head to toe color or head to toe pattern. You best buh-lieve I'll be sportin' that!

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