The Bargain Weekend.

This labor weekend was truly awesome. Hello game days at Lubbock? Nothing is better. It was my first time to tail-gate (I'm a junior. I don't want to talk about it.) Not only that, but my parents and boyfriend came in town, and good times were had with friends and last but not least (drumroll), I enjoyed my first Jack in the Box experience.

Another great thing about this weekend? The countless bargains I bagged. Yes, this means I made a stop at Forever21, but I also got some good stuff from the Chrome sale. Let's have a lookskie shall we...

Like these True Religion rolled up denim shorts. Originally $179, and NBD, I got them for $44.

  • Top left: black, oversized, long sleeved tee, by Unio. Orig: $78, sale: $19.50.
  • Top middle: Fringe Jeffrey Campbell gladiators. Orig: $98, sale: $19.99.
  • Right: Calf length sheer cardigan!! THANK GOD!
  • Bottom left: Fake eyelashes and nail polish, get on my leveeellllllllll
  • Bottom middle: My new school bag. Am most excited about this purchase.

I couldn't resist the $1.50-$2.80 items (heart tote, nail polish, falsies). I'm definitely thaaaat girl that adds like 8 impulse-register items while the cashier is ringing up.

I'm fully aware of the incomparable differences between the almighty Linea Pelle Dylan tote, and my Forever21 version, but I mean hey, they're the same shape, you get the idea, I don't have $525 extra doll hairs lying around, this will do.

And here is a close up of my Jeffries. How boho of me. Now it's time to watch Kris and Bruce Jenner renew their vows. Goodnight and happy labor day bloggerz.


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