The Other New Pants

The "Lacy bell bottom pants" as i like to call them because they are lacy bell bottom pants. I keep seeing these lil babies everywhere.
Naturally, they are on my to do list.

These are by $187 by Nightcap clothing, and actually sold out on shopbop.
Most of my friends wouldn't dare step into a racy lacy number like this, but I for one love it, and I'm going to post some pictures that could inspire even the toughest of critics into giving them a try.

Lace and 70s are still going big, so indulge your self! Go wild!
And don't worry, I found the forever21 version...

I'm not opposed to these at all. Not the same, but Forever21 says, "You get the idea."

My only last advice for The Other New Pants...
  • Avoid hooks and eyes
  • Chunky heels/wedges=MUST
  • No crop top unless the pants are highwaisted. Unless your Giselle, then whatever.
  • These are more like night time/going out pants to me. Don't mosey into English class in these (unless it's a Friday 8am "morning after", then we'll let it slide)



  1. i refuse to allow you to wear these. see through pants??! umm. no.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous and I hope to find them this spring/summer! Perfect for the beach, or just a hot spring/summer day!!



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