The New Pants

The crazy pants. I did a little digging into this trend, and some are calling it the "Palazzo Pants"
I'm not one to draw anymore attention to these American thighs, but my coworkers have been sporting this, and needless to say: Rocking It. So, naturally, it inspired a blog post.

In fact, Chrome just got A TON in for our fall shipments. They are all soooooo cute, and made with really good fabric. Me touch. Soft. Me like.

The first dilemma that comes to mind when considering Palazzo pants is probably, "What the ef do I wear with those???" Well it's called google images, and a lot of inspiration can come from there if only you type it in. That's an easy way at least, if you're into watching runway shows, or browsing look books, then inspiration shalln't be a problem.

I think my favorite looks are tucking a slim-fitting shirt into the pants and adding a statement neckless. Or if the pants are high enough, you could wear a boxy, off-the-shoulder, crop top, like the girls on the left and middle.

I particularly like that red pair in the middle. Very Rachel Zoe.

I love this picture I came across because it gives a "Palazzo Pants For Dummies" kind of thing explaining what to accessorize it with. Also explicitly obsessed with the pleated top by Topshop.

In Other News
  • Our good friend Lizzie McGuire is now pregnant. As if the world needed another season of Teen Mom.
  • For all of you sorority sisters out there, work week has started, and I feel your pain. I have blue magic marker all over me, very akin to a five year old.
  • I only spent $7 at Josies last night

Happy Sunday, bloggers! I hope everyone gets a good start to their week!

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