Girl On A Budget

Or better titled, "Girl on a budget after spending too much on a bad hair appointment," but that wouldn't fit.

So here are my Ross purchases! Yes, Ross. I know

It's kind of hard to tell, but top left is a cropped white off-the-shoulder top that cinches in at the bottom. It has dolman sleeves, loose around your body, but tight around your arms. It would be so cute with anything high waisted! I originally picked it out as something I could cut the bottom of, and fringe, but after I tried it on, I knew that wouldn't happen.

Top Middle. An oatmeal colored basic top with cut outs on the shoulders.
Right. The gray stripped oversized sweater. I love it because it is very poncho-y and when I hold my arms out, it looks like a blanket was draped over me then sewn up the sides. who doesn't love that effect.

Bottom left. I took a better picture of this one by itself if you scroll down. But it is a lace cropped top with puffed sleeves, and a zipped back. I picture this with a pencil skirt. And a pretty bandeau under it.

Bottom middle. All the cute little knicka's I found. And a bra that has straps that arrange like 50 ways. Who needs Victoria's Secret??????

Top left is a red top that has cut outs on the shoulders. It's flowy, cropped, and cinched at the bottom again. Game day top????

Top middle/top right. Your everyday basic tee's. In two fun colors that I don't have!

Bottom left. A fitted white top with a half-turtle neck, and rouched (how the ef do you spell rouched?) sleeves. I see it in high waisted trousers, or skirt. LA LA LOVE!

Bottom middle. This one is really cool. It is a cropped silky gray top in the front, then drapes down and is only black lace in the back. It's 100% sassy.

Bottom right. I found this top stuffed in with the dresses. It is a sheer, flowy, cropped, leopard top. um-HELLO?!??!? We have tops like this at Chrome!!! I just found one at Ross??? UNREAL.

I saved this for last because it is my ABSOLUTE favorite find! It is a bright pink cardigan. It looks remarkably organge in this picture, which is weird, but it is bright pink. It is fitted in the arms, falls below my hips, and has big drapey pockets. It looks good with my dark hair! (oh and my dark eyebrows...)

And here is the picture of the black cropped lacy top. This is the back of it. Lovey????
TGIF, EVERYONE!!! Listen to Katy Perry!!!!

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