I have problems

The other night I couldn't sleep. Just drowning in thoughts. We all have those nights. Then I finally got up and googled "cracked mouth corner."

Short story shorter, I have come to the conclusion that I have Angular Cheilitis. It's a chronic, yes, CHRONIC, disease in which you have a cracked mouth corner. Seriously????? If I'm going to have a disease can I at least get one that requires sympathy????? Or a cut on tuition??? Handicapped parking?????? i'm being extreme and sarcastic, i'm just kidding, don't hate me, i'm thankful for my life and health.

This is Angular Cheilitis, I'm sorry it's really gross, mine is actually not this bad. I also don't know who took the time to fade the edges of this picture, apparently someone who has less of a life than an avid blogger like myself.

As if Chronic Celulitus wasn't bad enough, lets throw in a mouth fungus. or bacteria, i'm not sure, i'm not doctor freaking oz. After all, I wasn't diagnosed this by a proffesh, just me and WebMd. Love that website!!

Eyebrow Update
For those of you who tune in on the reg, and know about my whereabouts last Thursday, I'd like to give a short update. My eyebrows look normal now. Darker, but normal enough. At least I can now throw away my eyebrow pencil.

In other news, the corner of my mouth isn't the only thing my therapist should know about. I somehow came upon the idea of googling "do I have a shopping problem? quiz" I made an effort at a funny facebook status, tagged a few coworkers, and made a mediocre joke about our shopping habits. ha. ha. So then just for kickz n gigglez, I took the quiz. Let's review the results.

You scored 12 (scoring range: 0-15)
You definitely have an addiction to shopping.See my article on shopping
addiction for ways to combat your spending impulses. It may be wise to
enlist help from a friend or loved one, or even therapist to help you regain some control over your spending.

Needless to say, I answered the questions honestly. What started out to be a funny thing, took a disturbing turn. Could I really have a problem???? As I type this blog, I currently sit on top of $7 in my bank account. I was paid last week? If I hadn't impulsed shopped on 2 occasions (damn you nastygal and post-hair-appt-emotions), then I'd be sitting on over $200? Crap...

This is the part in my life where a clip of LIAR LIAR plays in my head. It is the part where he finds out he can't lie and he is freaking out/meltdown, and he gasps out, "WHAT'S-WRONG-WITHMEEEE"

Then another voice pops in my head. Not the voice of the devil, but possibly a 21-year old blonde, sorority version of what could be Satan sitting on my shoulder. SGP. More commonly known as @SororityGirlProblems. Follow them on twitter. SGP tells me that alcoholism isn't a disease, it's like a brief cold amidst the best years of your life. She is sorry she's not sorry. She's drunk and cussing all the time, and threw classy out the window right along with her (ninth) empty red cup. SGP sits on my shoulder all day and is like "#buythoseshoes #you'reyoung #makemistakes #eatfuzzys" then I have Wells Fargo on the other side saying, "YOU ARE ONLY PAID MINIMUM WAGE. YOU HAVE NO GAS." And the war goes on.

Evidently, SGP is winning.

In all seriousness, I do need to cut back on spending. Not just because I have to buy birthday presents in September, but I just need to be able to afford more than $5 of gas every now and then. I guess.

Speaking of birthday presents, and don't expect a lot mr. jake, I have decided I want to whip this up labor day weekend.

It's ice cream cake!!!! Can you tell I watched Julie & Julia tonight?? Can you tell I'm probably making this because IIIIII want it and not so much for the people who have birthdays??? Whatever. #whitegirlproblems #inthemoodtobake

I'll just finish this blog with some future posts I have in mind...
  • The new pants (pant trend i've been seeing slash wanting, you know the drill)
  • The new bracelet
  • New song obsessions
  • Fav fashion blogs of mine
  • More "Today's get up" posts

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