Midnight Find

Because I'm a night owl (not doing anything important like hw or reading or cleaning), and have an obsessive compulsion online shopping problem, I came upon these FABULOUS red vegan (vegan?? who gives a crap anyway? it's not like i'm going to eat it???) leather high waisted babies.


I know. Oh, and don't worry, I'm getting the shoes. By my boy, Jeffrey Campbell of course. I have a taupe/nude/anything JC shoe addiction, and a wedge addiction. I LOVE MY WEDGIES. Nastygal sends me e-mails when they get new things in (damn it) and I know these suckers won't last long. That darn nasty gal.

AREN'T THEY PRESH?!?! Back off bitch they're mine.

That jagged edge is so House of Harlow reminiscent. ... I DIE.

PS- Where is the option to order the models body??? I'd like to order red leather shorts with a side of size 2 body please, thanks, shipped 5-7 days, thanks.


  1. i love the red on pink thing. did you see Emma Stone in it?? i'm glad you approve. or do you?? it's not too Valentine's Day?? ;)

  2. Not at all!! Head to toe brights are big right now! :D



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