What to wear for: RUSH

Ahh, rush. That time of year when rushees walk around from house to house in the blazing heat, trying to make a good impression on each sorority, ignoring the fact they are sweating through their t-shirt. Due to nervousness? Heat? The immense presence of awkwardness when someone brings up their obsession for the Jonas Brothers? Regardless- It is hard to know what exactly is rush-appropriate.

Here is the low-down for rush clothes from what I found on the greek website:
Day 1: School spirit shirt
Day 2: Casual sundress or skirt and top
Day 3: Church Attire
Day 4: After 5 attire

First of all-- Who wrote those guidelines???? How exactly does church attire differ from "casual sundress/skirt and top"??? Doesn't church attire= choir robe?? Ok, ok, I'm being drastic. Let's talk about "after 5 attire"..... COCKTAIL HOUR!!!! Dress like you're going to a cocktail party!! Of course they can't use that term because it implies alcohol, which implies hazing, which is 60 kinds of illegal, which is never classy. At least we have day 1 figured out.

DAY 1:
My only advice here is to not get too crazy/creative with your outift. Ok, you're wearing the shirt they gave you, just like the hundreds of other rushees, I get that you want to "stand out" and "be different." But don't be that girl. The one that is trying sooo harrrd to stand out. Refrain from neon shoes (or neon anything, save that for foam parties). Refrain from over the top headbands, jewelry, shorts. Just look normal! You aren't going to impress anyone showing up with outrageous calf-length gladiators, and ostentatious bangles loaded up on each arm.

You'll be fabulous wearing your every day jewelry, some comfy denim or khaki shorts. I wore white shorts with my Tech Greek shirt as I recall.... That was a risky move on my part. I don't recommend it, but it is cute if you're determined to pull it off. Bring tide to go.

If you thrive on all the latest trends, then you'll probably be sporting colored denim. I work at chrome, and look like a tranny 90% of the time, so I'm not one to judge. If you want to work your hot pink J-brand denim shorts (which chrome sells) I will support your ass all the way to the chapter room when we talk about you. Ha.

Oh, and don't forget oil blotting face sheets. You will attract friends like crazy. And isn't that why you're rushing in the first place????

DAY 2:
Ahh, the "Casual sundress or skirt and top" day. I guess this description actually narrows things down pretty well. I mean you can pick 1 of 2 options. It's kind of hard to miss. The potential downfall rests in what you pick. I was lucky when I experienced rush. I had my older, wiser, more fashionably stable sister (who was also a Tech Kappa) to help me pick out clothes. When I say 'help me pick out clothes' I mean she completely picked them out and tabbed my mom's credit card. Needless to say, I looked good. For the second day, I wore a gray pencil skirt (not too tight- this is rush, not a 2nd date) and a decorative pink top, both from Banana Republic*

*I highly recommend the Banana Republic when it comes to rush.

Anyway, here are some ideas for day 2.

I like a good light pattern to make a sundress even more casual. This is a good one because it is conservative, and not too short. I would put a thin brown woven belt around this with some nice chunky wedges. Then simple everyday jewelry. NO STATEMENT JEWELRY ON THIS DAY, PLEASE.

This is another perfect day 2 option. A lovely sheer top paired with an a-line skirt paired with a bright bag. Bonus points for the side fish-tail braid!

If you want a more eye-catching outfit, girl I feel ya.

This bright, back slit, dress is still day 2 "sundress" appropriate, and still has personality. It's a best seller on the website! Just don't wear black tights and booties! Save that for fall. Bust out your brown heels, or nude wedges. You can never go wrong with nude wedges.

DAY 3:
The elusive "church" day. Ok. Panic not, I've found good items-hallelujah.

It's hard to see, so click here, but this rosette pencil skirt (by Banana) is SO classic. And I would say it's church appropriate, call me old fashioned. This would be perf with a simple but semi-dressy top like this one by Zara, $49.90. It also comes in green, but I suggest the navy.

Here is a dress option, also by Banana Republic. And since it's so simple, and it's "church" day, you can get away with a whopping pair of earrings, or a necklace. NOT both, ladies!!!

You can find good ones for cheapskies, like this lil baby from forevs.

The only other day 2 and on advice I have is, BRING FLATS. You're going to want to have something to change into walking between houses. Gold flats never fail.

DAY 4:
Yay! Cocktail day! So close to choosing the house that is "the one." Not to sound dramatic...
I wore a strapless fitted white cocktail dress with the greatest statement necklace ever made. I'm being so dead serious. The greatest. Statement. Necklace. Ever. Made. (Thank you sister. And mom's card." This is it....

TO DIE FOR???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I know.
So of course my first and foremost outfit option is a fabulous, solid-color, classic dress with a doozy necklace piece.

But then I came across this piece...

Click here for a better picture. Dress by Piperlime.
This is a beautiful day 4 dress. However, you may also want to get your hands on a parental unit's credit card, because this baby is $295. OH GET OVER IT- IT'S WORTH IT.

Since the dress says everything by itself, you don't need bod jewelry (you also can't afford bold jewelry now). But if you're like me, you'll probably don big earrings. Just keep them in the color family of gold-beige-nude-blush.

Here is another dress option, more edgy, more of a transition into fall dress.

I'd like to see this dress with stunning black platform heels. Maybe something like these..

These stunners are by Bebe.

Okay ladies, that's all I have. I hope this helped decipher those vague descriptions. Good luck with the awkward moments!


  1. just cracking up thinking about us shopping at Banana and me forcing clothes on you!! ahhhahaha. i like to think i planted those seeds that has grown into your fashion knowledge and love right there in Banana. That necklace is gem btw...glad we found that. ond thanks to Mom's cc for the help. :)

  2. Hmmmm, I remember you wearing that necklace and I loved it so much! This makes me creepy, but I was obsessed with it! I love this blog. I do hope that some PNM's will take your advice. It is so different on the other side of things.

  3. THANK YOU so much for reading!! Means so much to me!!! And yes, it is soooo different haha, I like this side more!



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