Dress like the bachelorette

Our good friend Ashley, Bachelorette of season 7, had some trial and error when it came to judging one's character (hello bentley) but she did impress me with her choice of clothes from week to week. I wanted to recap my favs of her outfits and where us civilians/non-reality-tv-stars can buy them.

Let's talk about this little number she wore debuting her new public relationship on Jimmy Kimmel. This is a "Priscilla" open back lace Bodycon dress. Is it just me or is Ash OBSESSED with open back things?? So if you are as fond of your back as Ashely is, you can get this on freepeople.com for $268.

Here's lil Ash on the "Men Tell All" episode.

She loves her cut outs. What is her work out??!?!? I admire her ability to dress scandy but still come off as sweet and innocent as a 2nd grader. How do we feel about her darker hair???

And here we have the model version. You can get this dress, the "Cut out Scuba Dress" on Planetblue.

How cute was this ruffled off-the-shoulder get up, she wore while Ryan (or was it the West Texas cowboy?) awkwardly taught her how to golf.

You can find this Foley+Corinna romper on Planetblue, also.

My personal favorite hometown date outfit was JP's. It is the iconic perfect date outfit! Tight sexy jeans, cute-but conservative- top, and roller skates. Or heels. Whatever you're into.

This top is a "Studio Poplin Top" by Zara, just $39.99. Ash made a good decision by belting it..
And what about those jeans? Do you have to be bow-legged to look THAT cute roller skating in denim????

These are Rock & Republic "Kassaundra White R Detail" jeans.

Here is the dress she wore when she told the boys who hadn't left her yet, that they were going to Fiji.

I adore sequins, and I think she looks shiny and cute.

If you want to be shiny and cute like your favorite bachelorette, you can find this dress, an Alice + Olivia sequin "Kendra" dress, from one of my favorite websites, singer22.com. Well, it's sold out. Never mind. Evidently this was one of America's fav Ashley looks.

Moving on- Let's get serious. Ashley gets serious as she lets poor vulnerable Ben F. actually get down on one knee and say the unthinkable. Then that awkward moment when she doesn't say yes happens and he has to get up, and the rest of America is cringing, but still admiring her wedding dress. Or engagement dress? She chose a design by Randi Rham, weighing in at $17,000. She found it appropriate to go frolic around in the ocean wearing this dress, thus tarnishing it. Oh well. That is JP's problem now.

She did look great though! I'm not a big fan of spaghetti V-neck straps but.... whatever. It was only $17,000.

Okay bloggers, that's all I have for now!


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