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Well I took a waltz through Forever21 (when I say Forever21, let's all just pretend I mean Bergdorf's, then we will all feel happier) today, with a small disclosed amount of cash stowed away in my Minkoff, and I came upon a garment that will serve as the main focus of my Christmas Eve outfit.

Theerrrre she is

Immediately when I saw this, I thought "sweater." It's like when you see peanut butter, you think "jelly." Or when you see vodka and you think "cranberry juice" or "vomit" or whatever. So essentially, I'm thinking about wearing the sweater + maxi (what did you think S & M means?? duh...) trend for The Eve.

Bring on the inspo...

One of my new fave blogs, click da pic
Phillip Lim/Pre-fall '12

And since it's christmas and all, why not fest it up with a little lip color? Tonight I decided my next lip purchase will be Orange Flip by Revlon..
*lip color by revlon*
Maybe I'll find a great metal choker to sport with my S & M outfit?
(I had to read the previous sentence on the "preview" format before I realized how wrong it sounded, so for clarification, I'm going to throw in a picture of what kind of choker I mean...)

 Stay tuned to see what sweater slash and or choker I come up with.....

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