DIY Turban & Clutch

I don't know what's gotten into me. One minute I'm cleaning out my drawers/desk, the next minute I'm painting a vintage (icky yellow) clutch gold. Some call it a surge of creativity that must be quenched when one is feeling inspired. What it really is, is ADD. Plain and Simple.

I bought the oversized yellow clutch at a vintage store in Portales, New Mexico. Love the idea of an oversized clutch--hate the color. I wasn't sure if literally painting it would work, but it did! Then I went through my little crafts slash trinkets box and hot glued pendents to the clutch. Expect to see this lil baby in a future outfit post!

And then we have this turban. I whipped it up while the water heated for my pasta. It's literally that fast to make. It's also semi ghetto. It is safety pinned in a few places, but with a few minor adjustments and will power, that can be hidden. Oh, and the actual turban? Socks from the Dollar Tree. Super classy. But they aren't like cottony-Michael-Jordan-fruit of the loom socks. They are "trouser" socks and are soft and spandex-y. If that makes it sound any better. Then I just hot glued some ivory stones on the ivory turban and VOILA!!! Not as sassy as the Luv AJ turbans but still... don't be surprised if it crops up in an outfit post.

Happy president's day! I hope everyone celebrated this political day with illegal activities!!!! jjkkk kind of

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  1. Loooove the idea of painting that clutch!! It looks fab! Gold and gems. That is where it's at.



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