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You read that correctly. I am giving up Pinterest for a week. I have a nasty habit of getting on blackboard, then thinking 'Oh I might as well check my twitter feed......Oooooh a new blog post!...... I need to pin these pictures...... I might as well check the Pinterest feed.... Wow look at that pancake recipe!......How did she paint her nails like that??..........How much does that girl work out??......Omg red velvet cookies?!?"

Two. Hours. Later.


So that has about become the routine of my week nights. Last night after deciding to give up Pinterest, naturally I tweeted it. This morning I woke up to tweets saying (and rightfully so): "Oh, that won't last" or "Have you started shaking yet?" or "My mom is the best cook because of Pinterest now!"

Day One
It is 1:30 pm on a Thursday, aprox 12 hours since I gave up the drug. So far I've had exactly 2 Pinterest urges. Between classes I read a story about an old woman who died on the front row during a fashion show. Oh, I must pin this to my Must Read board. As the little window opened asking me to describe the pin, it hit me. MUST. NOT. DESCRIBE. THE PIN. I ex'd out of the window and that was that. Less than 2 minutes later my fingers involuntarily started to type "p-i-n-t" into the search bar then the left side of my brain had to reprimand my right side's willingness to find new ways to paint nails and I backspaced and that was that.

After taking a test that I studied really hard for, I came home and ate lunch. This would be prime pinning time. Like letting myself pin as a reward for all of my studying. But today, this shalln't be occurring.

Shalln't. Be. Occurring.


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