Wedding/Event Decor by Tate

I'd like everyone to meet my friend Tate, y'all (and for some reason, when you read that in a Paula Deen accent, it sounds even better). Tate is my roommate and she is SUUUUUUPER TALENTED. The skill of hers I would like to blog about is something she has been doing for a few years now...

Meet Tate, y'all. 

As you can probably gather, Tate has the gift of painting. Especially painting canvases, which she does for weddings all over the southern region. As you can see, her paintings are absolutely exquisite. The bride just tells Tate what she wants it to say and chooses the color scheme, and Tate takes over adding her own creative touch to letters and design. OH, and can you believe the painting of that red car???? LIKE SERIOUSLY?!?!? My personal favorite is the 1st one I posted that says "So sweet of you to come." Presh!!!

So if you have a special event coming up like a wedding, birthday, baby/bridal shower, or special cocktail party, then you should definitely get in touch with Tate and she will whip you up a canvas!
 (or a christmas bulb, or a naked body, whatever it is you want painted I suppose)

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