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Hey readers, guess what! The fabulous shopping website/blog, FROCKSTOCK, is giving a "March of the bloggers" in which they have guests post to their blog! Yours truly will be apart of this, writing a post on "How to vintage shop" which should really be titled, "How to pick out the good crap from the bad crap."

The best part is that not only the guest bloggers benefit from this. Readers who post comments on the blogs are automatically entered to win weekly giveaways!! All you have to do is include your Twitter username or E-mail. So each week that you leave a comment on one of the guest blogs, you (the reader) will be entered to win free jewelry!

Here is a list of the guest bloggers and their topics...

March 1st: "Top 5 Essential Purses Every Girl Should Have" by Tina of 'Stina D
March 2nd: "Bowsessed" by Sarah of Tulle and Trinkets
March 3rd: "Fashion on a Budget" by Alyssa of Through the Eyes of LysMarie
March 4th: "Pops of Color" by SBM of Simply Being Me
March 5th: "Style & Color" by Shannon of Shannon ♥s
March 6th: "Trends I'm Loving" by Candice of Teatime Thoughts
March 7th: "Transitioning to Spring Clothes" by Madeline of Style Me Thrifty
March 8th: "Mixing Styles" by Kirby of Ohio Style
March 9th: "The Bold and the Beautiful" by Pamela of Soaps Style
March 10th: "Baking" by Becky of Beautiful Pea Green Boats
**March 10th: Jewelry Giveaway**

March 11th: Topic TBA by Kelsey of Charming Pumpkin
March 12th: "Music & Fashion" by Ashlyn of Triple Thread
March 13th: "DIY: How to Create Floral Headbands" by Tori of Daisies and Pixie Dust
March 14th: Topic TBA by Jennifer of ~Curiousness~
March 15th: "Cupcakes" by Ruthanne of Ruthanne with an E
March 16th: "Spring Makeup Products" by Amy of Suburban Blender
March 17th: "How to Shop Vintage" by Augusta of Runs With Lipstick
**March 17th: Jewelry Giveaway**

March 18th: "Vintage Jewelry, Remade" by Carrie of Lady Luxe Designs
March 19th: "DIY: Rustic Pillow Stencil" by Sara of House Bella
March 21st: Topic TBA by Calley of The Cult of Style
March 22nd: Topic TBA by Lo of On a Whim with Lo
March 23rd: "Friday Favorites" by Madison of Madison Cary
March 24th: "Mintspiration" by Ann of Tongue in Cheeky
**March 24th: Jewelry Giveaway**

March 25th: "Menswear-Inspired Shoes" by Tiese of The September Issue
March 26th: Topic TBA by Jennifer of A Well-Nurtured Life
March 27th: Topic TBA by Lisa of Shoestring Fashion
March 29th: "Clay Jewelry" by Jessica of Jagsmitty
March 30th: "Modesty is the Best Policy" by Allison of Clearing Preppy's Name
**March 31st: Jewelry Giveaway**

You will notice that my guest blog is on March the 17th, so yes, I fully expect all of you to drop everything you are doing that day and wait by your laptop until it's posted.

In case you have never heard of Frockstock (which is not okay with me) I'd like to catch you up on what they are all about and all the cute stuff they sell. Here is what they have posted in their about section...

Frock Stock was created in September, 2011 by a young girl with a big fashion imagination. Together with the help of her friends and family she runs Frock Stock as a mom-and-pop small business with a big heart!

Our style is all about vintage. We sort through hundreds of modern indie vendors to bring you the most romantic and reminiscent pieces we can find. Everything is brand new but still holds a flair for the past.

In the world of juniors and trends we know that quality can be a huge problem at the average mall store. We're never going to sell you rings that turn your fingers green or clothes already tearing at the seam. All our jewelry is lead free and nickel free and we find the best quality in juniors clothing out there!

We know that girls who shop at boutiques are really looking for something special that they can't find at the average mall store. Yet many online boutiques and brick and mortars out there are selling the same products as us for triple or quadruple the price! We want to offer items that the average girl-on-a-budget can afford. That is why our commitment tolow prices is so strong. Every girl who dreams of beautiful vintage clothing can now afford it, thanks to...

                    ♥ FROCK STOCK ♥

So go check out their site, and don't forget to ready my guest blog about vintage shopping!!!!! 


  1. Cute blog! Looking forward to reading your guest post! Every girl needs some pointers when it comes to vintage shopping. ~Madeline, stylemethrifty.com (a fellow Frock Stock guest blogger!)

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