Intervention Pinterest: Day 1 continued....

Day 1 continued..

If you see/talk to me on Tuesdays or Thursdays, I apologize in advance. For some reason I'll never understand, I am always irrationally tired, moody, moderately to severely irritable and cannot function or maintain human interaction.

Side story example:
 Today I had my pen out on a table. A girl picked it up and proceeded to draw with it the rest of the 2 hour period. SERIOUSLY? REALLY??????? WHY?!?!?!? WHERE ARE YOUR PENS?????? YOU ARE USING ALL OF MY INK, B*TCH. DID YOU REALLY HAVE TO FILL IN THAT ENTIRE HEART?? THAT IS MY TEXAS TECH WRITING UTENSIL. UGH. Don't worry. I got it back.


See what I mean? Like this is a normal Tues/Thurs saga for me. Things like this really bend my spoons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Completely irrational. Catch me on a Wednesday and doodle with my Red and Black writing utensil, and I'd probably be fine.

All I want to do is sleep on these days. However, I never miss/skip class on these days because these are my favorite class-days (holler, professors). So what I do is come home, eat, put on work out clothes, sit on the couch, ponder working out, go to my bed, sleep, wake up, realize I won't be working out, change clothes, and go to meetings (#bidniswomenstuff).

During my post-class Tues/Thurs routine today, I had the urge to check Pinterest for "Home work outs" due to me feeling too lazy to walk downstairs to the apartment gym. But alas...... I gave it up. As I recall, I literally think my right eye lid twitched as I looked at my Pinterest app on my phone with my thumb hovered over it. It was torture.

Naturally, I ended up not working out today. No home work out pin, no home work out. Even though I think it is common sense to do push ups or something like that or at least pop in a DVD. But no. I just took a nap. In my work out clothes which might i add are fairly sassy. Maybe giving up Pinterest is not as healthy as I had anticipated...............

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