Luv AJ & UNH

I am SO excited to blog about this because it means that turbans ain't goin' no where for spring!!! (And thank God because I spent $67 dollars on one last fall, but I love it, thank you Gold Saturn & Chrome). Refinery29 just posted about this new collaboration of Luv AJ and UNH expanding into designing turbans.

I don't own a full-headed turban, so I think I'll just slap that on my Pinterest wishlist and hope it falls in my lap one day. Also the turban with spikes. Need that. The turbans run from about $88-108, but as you can see, they are aesthetic perfect and add that modern edgy vibe to any outfit. AKA worth the doll hairs.

Here are some pictures from the Luv AJ lookbook... 

What I love about this lookbook is that it's edgy and even kind of weird. The pictures aren't of models posing with a hand on the hip, looking straight at the camera, standing in the middle of a beautiful field with tons of flowers. The pictures are of models that look like they weren't prepared and it captures an awkward moment that is also fresh and awesome. They are visually interesting to look at. You can see someone who knows what they are doing with photoshop worked their magic and amplified the shots even more. Not to mention the ridiculous accessories dripping all over them--those are definitely a plus to the appeal.

I thought I would go ahead and show some of my favorite pieces from Luv AJ!Luv aj!!!

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