Pinterest Intervention: Day 6

Today marks the day before my week-iversary of my not using Pinterest. What is it like you ask? Well I definitely channeled some of that pinning energy into DIY projects.

It's amazing what one can do with gold paint, hot glue, and will power. I undoubtedly sacrificed half of the skin on my left thumb, but I feel it was worth it to make that gold chain bracelet. The 3 DIY rings in the top pictures were completely transformed. In my excited-hot-glue-haste, I didn't take before pics of the them: huge mistake. The ring on the right is one of those bulky plastic rings that were in style circa 2009. Then I hot-glued some sort of circular bolt to it and painted the whole thing gold. The Chanel inspired ring is a collaboration of a fake Chanel tranny earring glued to a F21 ring that broke 2 years ago (why do I keep broken jewelry??? #hoarder). 

Yes, you are understanding all of this correctly, I spent my Fat Tuesday night painting silver rings gold on my resume. Yes, that piece of paper is my resume. You can see a "before" ring on my thumb in the nail polish pic. That ring actually came in a set of 3 from a brand called NOIR. If you learn anything today reading this blog, let it be this: DON'T BUY EXPENSIVE JEWELRY UNLESS IT'S WRITTEN IN BLOOD THAT IT WON'T TURN YOUR PHALANGES GREEN. Seriously, I bought those EXPENSIVE ass rings, and they all turned my fingers green, AND EVEN CAUSED AN IRRITATED RASH. Never again. F21 has jewelry that can do that for a tenth of the price, and it's just as sassy. Then again maybe I just have delicate, sensitive, princess-and-the-pea skin, that shall only be graced by the finer handcrafted work of Kors & Yurman. maybe.

My final thoughts on banning myself from Pinterest? 

  • Lana Del Rey on Pandora is amaze
  • I will pin until my eyes bleed tomorrow
  • Not giving up Pinterest for Lent
  • Pinterest is male dominated in the UK (learned this in class, it's legit fact)
  • I can't wait to pin the CRAP out of the Love, Maegan blog
  • (see right       )
  • Will continue to DIY rings, turbans and purses if I am capable of pulling myself away from Pinterest in the future. 

One last inspirational diddy...

L8r H8r

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