Vintage Buyyyin'

I frolicked through Saver's today as opposed to working out after class. I never cease to amaze myself at how good I am at finding good crap through all of the crap crap. Seriously. Let's review the damage, shall we.

Mirror pics......... my apologies. 
Can we just pause and reflect about that oversized bright pink sweater discovery? I literally gasped out loud. Doesn't seem like a big deal, but when you're shopping by yourself surrounded by others, it comes off as "is that girl okay? is she having a seizure?" type thing. And then there are always tons of Greeks there shopping for the next big date party. #thatawkwardmomentwhen you're shopping for every day clothes, not "80 aerobics" themed frat party clothes.

Breaking it down..

  • Brown loafers--finally! They had a surprisingly decent selection of shoes. The brown ones I picked out looked like they've never been worn. AND THEY ARE SO COMFY. Cushion galore. 
  • White stripped silky top that is very reminiscent of the pajama trend making its way through the waters of fashion blogs. 
  • Mint long sleeved neck tie top--2 dYe 4.
  • Silky camel-colored button up top with box pleat in the back. Classy.
  • Brown mid calf pencil skirt w/ slit in the back. Obsessed.
  • Brown belt w/ gold lock buckle
  • Fur stole--not pictured. But still very atlantic-pacific. 
  • Pastel glass earrings. 
  • Silky shorts
  • Black Jeans that I cut and rolled into high waisted cut off shorts. ThRiFtY.
  • Leopard/zebra brown/black cardi. I love this mostly because it's brown and black.
Remember: when vintage shopping, one must always ask herself.... "Is this Atlantic-Pacific or Atlantic-Horrific?"

THE Atlantic-Pacific herself, Blaire Eadie. >>>click<<< 

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  1. What great finds! I never make out with that much stuff when ever I go thrifting! Well done ;)




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