My analytical evaluation regarding my feelings towards K-Stew

(Sorry, yet another post regarding something Breaking Dawn-related)

Lately friends and I have been talking about Kristen Stewart (really intellectual conversation, I know). While I think K-stew is GREAT for the role of awkward human Bella in the Saga, I have some friends who disagree. They think a better looking/less awkward actress should have taken the role. When I hear that, I just say HAVE YOU NOT READ THE BOOKS???? Huge drama, I know. I do have those few friends that agree with me and think she is perfect for the role, though. Someone needs to take up for k-stew! Because that's not the only thing she's getting flack for lately....

Here we have our dear friend Kristen at the MTV awards sporting some sort of cocktail dress and converse. Yes, it's very human/Bella/awkward of her. Honey badger don't care. Honey badger feet hurt. So when I first see this, I think to myself, COME ON KRISTEN, THROW SOME HEELS ON. IT'S THE MOVIE AWARDS. And then another thought comes to mind:
If Lady Gaga can wear raw meat, and Katy Perry can wear a freaking rubix cube on her head, then why can't K-stew sport converse?????

I just wish she could catch a break! Here is another picture of her at the UK premier for Breaking Dawn. She be workin' it in Roberto Cavalli & nike.


So Kristen, whenever you read my blog, just know that you have one fan that is still standing right behind all your movie and fashion choices. Which brings me to.......

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/jFbHYUqeQjA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Snow white and the huntsman!!!!! Words cannot express my ever growing excitement for this movie. This was one of my favsies Disney princess movies. I've already heard from a few friends that they don't think Kristen will be good playing the role of Snow White. Well, she may be good or she may not, BUT I WILL GO SEE IT AND CHEER YOU ON REGARDLESS, K-STEW. (am i on the verge of a Kristen tattoo or something???? *need to calm down*)

Annnnnnnnnnd how sassy does she look as a vamp?????? 

She's not a vamp here, i just think it's pretty. whtvr.

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