Dear Santa...

this year I want lap band surgery.
But I'll settle for these items in the meantime.

Now there are a few disclosures I need to include before I declare this as my wish list. Those black Fahrenheit pumps are fabulous, but I actually like the "cork" ones more...

I also hesitate to ask for yet another digital camera, being that I can't seem to make them last longer than 6 months. This year my lil cannon suffered a casualty at the A&M game. The other one fell to its death from a drunken pass. #thingsthatlastlongerthanKimKwedding

...Which brings me to the pink otterbox. Why don't they make otterboxes for cameras?? Why are they called otterboxes??? Maybe if I owned an otterbox for my last iPhone, I wouldn't have had to buy a new one last week. It was also really hard parting with my last one, we had some good times together. It's still alive at 53% just laying lifeless in my desk. Still full of songs and pictures and cracks and memories of its youth when we frolicked about Lubbock hand in hand. #futurehoarder

The rest of the fine print about this wish list is basically "justgivemecashoralcohol"
This is the fancy version. The fun version. AKA- i fully don't expect to get any of this stuff due to how expensive I already am OUTSIDE of christmas (except for mini moscatos, I FULLY expect to get that)... I already told my parents to PLEASE not get me anything-- and am being serious. *just got a new iPhone i'm spoiled sassy*

BUT since I'm newly obsessed with polyvore.com, I had to compile an elaborate list while listening to oldies to avoid doing homework on this lazy Sunday.


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