Why Pinterest is actually really annoying

"WHAT???? BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!" you think. 
Well, it is. 
It's annoying. 
For 6 reasons that don't include the annoying fitness models 
and sinful recipes pinned adjacent to each other.

  1. This girl.
    •   You really can't escape from her. There is not ONE fashion board on pinterest that doesn't include this child. I SAY CHILD BECAUSE SHE IS ONLY 15. SHE IS FIFTEEN. SHE IS PROBABLY PREPARING HER QUINCINERA WITH OTHER SCARF-CLAD FIFTEEN YR OLD BABIES. Also, she lives in Sweden, and her name is Petra, and she is a Pinterest celebrity because she first became a lookbook.nu celebrity. SO THERE. NOW YOU KNOW THE ORIGIN OF 75% OF YOUR PINTEREST FASHION BOARD. OH. ALSO. She is always wearing a scarf and skinny pants. always. always. a l w a y s. 
  2. "How To Blow Dry Your Hair" video tutorials.
    • REALLY, AMERICA????? DO WE NEED 8,249 VIDEO TUTORIALS ON THE PINTERESTSPHERE VISUALLY EXPLAINING HOW TO BLOW AIR ON YOUR HEAD??? I don't get it. What is easier than blow drying your hair. Accompanying that, are the "how to curl your hair" or "how to wear a bun" tutorials, ALL OF WHICH MADE BY AND FOR REALLY BORED PPL which brings me to my next point.
  3. The concept of the "Top Knot"
    • I mean...... I'm glad a fashion blogger woke up one day and said, "I don't have time to do my hair I'll just throw it on top of my head, literally" and then coined it the term "top knot." What a *~*~catchy*~* lil sneaky ploy. Top Knot. Which is actually, in most cultures around the world, also known as "Sh!t hair" or "Homeless hair" and it has now turned into a worldwide epidemic of "fashionistas" PURPOSELY putting their hair in a bun mess atop their head. MOST PEOPLE CANNOT PULL THIS OFF. MOST PEOPLE THINK THEY CAN. I, HARD TO BELIEVE, I KNOW, CANNOT. 
    • ANOTHER THING. Let's be honest, an american fashionista did NOT invent the ever-covetted "top knot"
    • THESE BITCHES DID>> so let's all get real and give sumo wrestlers the credit they deserve. 
  4. Half naked males
    • Okay, one or two pics of a hot dude, I get it. Fine. I'm sure I've been guilty of a Ryan Lochte or Ryan Gosling pin here or there. BUT if you have an entire Pinterest board solely of half naked males in different outfits and sceneries, like a calendar, I hate you. 
    • That's all I have to say on this subject.
  5. But if you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve--OH SHUT THE HELL UP
    • Cheesy overused quotes, in general, are rampant on this platform, but MARILYN MONROE QUOTES PARTICULARLY PUSH MY BUTTONS. How many times do we all have to hear/see this quote?????????????? WE GET IT. YOU'RE BIPOLAR.
  6. Im-fcking-possible nails
    • IS EVERYONE ON PINTEREST VIETNEMESE???? Because that's the only way I see everyone able to do the following IMPOSSIBLE nail art: 
    • Maybe I'm just bitter because my nails stopped growing when I was 5 and I don't have an adequate canvas for the world of "nail art"
What's sad is the amount of times I blog about Pinterest or the Kardashians #productofmygeneration #genY


  1. loved the post, led me to creep on lookbook.nu and found this beautiful specimen: http://lookbook.nu/look/4384555-Peeking-Polka-Dot
    do you know if hes gay? because if so god damnit

  2. I went to elementary school with this girl in NM. She is pretty awesome. Idk how I even got on this page but the blogs r pretty cool.



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