Christmas wish list includes but is not limited to....

wish list

I'm not too old for christmas lists, right????????? 
I refuse to buy into that theory. 

The spoiled brat side of me (this takes up a large portion of me) would like a David Yurman ring with a ruby stone. But I mean, I will settle slash and or am not opposed to a rose gold Kors watch, something I've wanted for **quite some time** anywho...

Music Neal REALLY wants a Rolling Stones poster to put in her bathroom. Not the one featured in the collage, that one is stupid. Music Neal prefers one of these posters of the stones.

 But Music Neal isn't done yet. ELLIE GOULDING HALCYON TOUR STARTS JANUARY 2013 and this is one of my favorite albums in the world. MAMA WANTS 2 GO. Which brings me back to The Stones..... word on the street is they are doing a tour of just covered songs????>>>>>> SIGN ME UP

Fitness Neal really got into hot yoga as of late. Even though she more or less passed out in her first class, she feels that signing up for the 10 class deal is in her future. Need yoga mat.

Movie Buff Neal would like one of Nora Ephron's books. Doesn't matter which one. Lalalalalalalalalalala. Sometimes I read lalalalala. I say movie buff, because Nora Ephron was one of the most famous comedian female script writers ever and she died this year and if you didn't know that than you should really re-evaluate your life/priorities.

Cant-get-enough-of-Jim-Halpert Neal would be ever so grateful to receive any and all seasons of The Office. Watching it at 11 on weeknights cuts into my bonding time with The Golden Girls and also my grade point average. In other news, Augusta Halpert really wants to watch The Office pantsless drinking cheap wine throughout the spring semester.

mazzletov <3

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